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Are you holding an Office Manager position or want to upgrade your career into this profession? Know the job roles and responsibilities for this position and some tips for writing office manager resumes. Check these Office Manager resume samples and book yours to get a professional resume.

Office Manager Visual Resume Template
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Office Manager Infographic Resume Template
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Office Manager Job Description:

Hey, are you an Office Manager? Or a candidate who wants to make the Office Manager as a future career? Looking for some Office Manager resume samples? Everything starts with the resume you send to your company. But you don’t know how to write a professional resume for the Office Manager Job? Don’t worry, you just came to the right place. We, provide the best resume writing services and templates. Many of the excellent candidates lose their jobs because of non-professional resumes. Today we are going to share with you some expert tips and ideas to follow while writing your resume for the Office Manager Job. Also we are going to see what the office manager does, what are his duties and responsibilities, and tips for writing a perfect office manager resume with some office manager resume template. Ok, so without further adieu, let’s get into the topic.

What does an Office Manager do?

The office manager is the key person in office management. The responsibilities of office manager starts with ensuring the smooth running of the office. His responsibilities and duties are widespread. These are more similar to an Administrative Assistant. But the Administrative Assistant deals with the contract and other administrative works. He supervises them and ensures quality. Office manager’s duties start from reception to the endpaper works of the office. He acts as the main engine, which elevates the office. He is also required to make presentations and reports to the higher officials about the activities of the office or department entrusted to him. For further clearance, let us see the difference between the Office Manager and the Administrative Assistant, in detail.

Office Manager vs Administrative Assistant:

In simple words, we can say that the Administrative assistant is the superior of the Office manager. In small firms, there will not be two positions, but in the large firms, Admin Assistant takes care of the Administrative supervising and secretarial work. But the office manager is simply a managing personality responsible for office activities. Admin support is responsible for the overall administration of the company from the canteen to the watchman. In short, the office manager’s work covers the office circle whereas Administrative Assistant covers the overall company. And he also covers the secretarial works like conducting a meeting and other events. Now you should have got the basic difference between the Office Manager and Administrative Assistant let us see the duties and responsibilities of the Office Manager in full.

Roles and responsibilities of the Office Manager:

It is hard to precise the duties of the office manager, they involve themselves in various works in different industries. Mostly the job of the Office Manager involves all the clerical work in the office like attending phones, collecting memos, and maintaining files. Sometimes they also take care of greeting the client and customers. They manage all the employees and check their works diligently. They get the grievances to form the employees and convey them to the Heads. They act as an intermediate between the company chiefs and the employers. Their behaviors and character are very important to manage the internal cooperation of the company. They play an important role in their works revolving over managing and distributing information among the members of the office. The works they do may differ based on the nature of the firm. Here are some basic responsibilities of the Office Manager:
  • Supervising the Staffs: The main goal of an office manager is to supervise the staff in the organization. He will be trained to supervise the large division, he should be known about each staff in the office. He should know about their capability and talent. He is also responsible to solve any disputes in the office.
  • Developing and managing records: Another important duty of the office manager is to maintain the internal records of the company. He should create records like attendance, the duties completed, working hours, pending works, new reports from the customers. They are also assigned in some situations to authorize and sign the internal management records and files. So they should know to have basic skills like filing and recording.
  • Setting Department Goals: As an office manager of a particular office or department, he has the authority and responsibility to set short term and long term goals according to the decision made by the higher officials of the company. He should make the plan to attain the goal and schedule each work in the hands of capable employees or staff. He should report the achievements or drawbacks or progress of the workers in the goals to the higher chiefs in the annual records he submits. He should make decisions to overcome the challenges to attain the goals.
  • Ensuring the safety of department: He ensures the safety of the department and workers in the office. He is responsible for the files or documents kept in the office. So he maintains the security system of the office. And he is also responsible for the health of the workers. He should solve the disputes between the staff and ensure good health. In short, he ensures that the office is well-maintained, secure, safe, and healthy.
  • Recommending new policy changes: As we have seen earlier they act as the intermediate or communicating channel of the employers and Higher management. It is their responsibility to request any policy changes or work term changes on behalf of the employees. And he shares the thought of the higher management with the employees. And he is also responsible to explain the decision taken by the higher management to the employers. Thus he maintains a good relationship between the workers and the company.
  • Requesting repair and Device maintenance: They check the devices and internal infrastructure of the office and request the repair and maintenance. Sometimes a budget or particular amount is granted to meet the repair and stationery expenses. At that time he is responsible to maintain the cash.
Other than above-seen responsibilities he is also responsible for the following activates,
  • Overseeing general office operation.
  • Greeting visitors, answering a high-volume of incoming phone calls and delivering world-class service to our customers.
  • Coordinating appointments and meetings and managing staff calendars and schedules.
  • Supervising, mentoring, training, and coaching our office staff and delegating assignments to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Coordinating domestic and international travel, including flight, hotel, and car rental reservations.
  • Purchasing office supplies and equipment and maintaining proper stock levels.
  • Producing reports, composing correspondence, and drafting new contracts.
  • Creating presentations and other management-level reports.

Expectations of the employers:

Here are some requirements or qualifications for the office managers,

  • A bachelor degree is a must for the office manager job
  • Experience as an office manager or other administration or Office management jobs.
  • Excellent computer skills including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc…

Other than these qualifications the following skills are important for an Office Manager,

  • Well-Organized:
    The person who applies for the Office manager should have a good organizational skill base. He should be aware of the hierarchy level of the organizations and the level of duties to them.
  • Multi-Tasking ability:
    The applicant should have the talent of Multi-tasking as an Office manager has high work pressure than other works he should be Multi-tasking and Effective. He may need to work under different goals and tasks.
  • Problem-solving and sudden thinking:
    In the case of the office works, there is always uncertainty and disputes. He should be ready to alter the plan according to the new situation. The problem-solving skill will be tested during the interview process.
  • Co-operative and good communication:
    The Office manager should cooperate with the other members and schedule the work as per the situation. And he should be good at communication skills to communicate with co-workers and also in internal meetings. As he is communicating channels between the staff and heads his communicating skills are really important.

Here are some common job interview questions and answers you can check. Now, you must have got the basic information about the office manager. Let us see the tips to write the office manager resume.

Common Skills:

Common Certifications:

Tips for writing Office Manager Resume:

Now compare yourself with the job notice and requirements, if you feel you are qualified and best fit for the job then you can apply your resume. I am not here to convince you to hire us. But we have experts who can design a winning resume. We don’t just write the resume with the information given by you. We make research about the employer companies and your portfolio then we will classify your qualifications and achievements and prepare the best resume. But if you are capable then you can write your resume. Here are some basic tips to follow in your resume to write a standalone resume.

1. Crack the ATS:

Nearly 70% of the applications or resumes get rejected by this software. So your first objective while writing a resume is to defeat the ATS.
  • What is ATS?

    The applicant tracking system is an Automated Software which Checks your resume for the company’s requirements and qualifications and the keywords inserted by the employer or already embedded in them. If the resume doesn’t contain the details or keywords, then it will reject them.
It is not difficult as it looks to crack the ATS. The only thing is you should add the keywords or heads in your resume that which company expects. Here are some common keywords for the Office Manager Resume.
  • Office Manager
  • Filing
  • Budget
  • Drafting emails
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Setting Goals for the department etc.

2. Format your resume:

There are different formats or methods to write a resume, the best method to write resumes for an office manager is to follow the reverse Chronological Resume format. As the Office manager involves much decision making the Past work experience is an important qualification for it. The Reverse Chronological format deals with the experience of education thus covering all his experience. But if you are a newbie and don’t have any experience in any other related job then you can write the functional Resume format. It is the best choice for you. It is a combination of Chronological and Traditional Resume. It focuses on your main advantages. A Simple format of a functional résumé is,
  • Header
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Education and Certifications

3. Summary:

It is better to start your resume with a short and crisp summary. Your summary should be an overview of the things you are going to include in the resumes. You can add advantage or odd quality to other candidates. You should also use all the main keywords or phrases informed in the Job notice, as this attracts the Automated Applicant Tracking System. If you attach a Cover letter with your resume then it is not important to write a Summary.

4. Experience:

As we have seen earlier, an office manager has high responsibility. Work Experience is always counted as an important thing. If you’re a new talent waiting for opportunities, then you can compile your qualities and experience in any other related job. You can even explain any situation and the way you dealt with it. Here are some jobs which can be added in the experience head:

  • Assistant Manager.
  • Office clerk
  • Or other administration or management jobs

Be selective in complaining about your experience; don’t mention all your day-to-day experience. It is good to file all your skills and experience but too much information may lead your resume to trash.

Try to attach all the information mentioned in the job notice, and the keywords will reduce the time for the hiring manager and help you to crack the Automated Applicant Tracking System.

Make your experience in the quantity terms, as the human mind is attracted more by the quantities, For Example. I have 3 years’ experience; I can handle a large workforce of nearly 100+ employees etc… It is also better to add if you have any achievements or certifications received by you from your previous employer.

5. Skills and Abilities:

Instead of just mentioning your skills, show the achievements are the acts you’re performed in those skills. And don’t enclose all the skills under one head. You should show the basic skills under and you can create a list of additional skills after your Education Information. Don’t miss any skills informed on the job notice.

6. Education and Certifications:

This is the place for the newcomers. You can win the job by showing off your Academic Qualifications. If you are experienced then you can just provide the basic information about your education, but the newbie should provide the maximum information like marks, achievements, projects submitted, etc. You can also enclose the certification of the additional courses you entered during your college. And if any part-time job you are involved during the period related to this industry then you can also add those in your resume.

Why us?

Our resumes are prepared according to candidate qualifications and job requirements. We classify the merits and demerits of the candidate qualifications and match them with the employer requirements and order them accordingly. We also make research about the company you’re applying and design your resume as per their taste and expectations. We also provide some information which will help you during your interview, like most common interview questions and answers and more like this. Other than resume writing service, we also provide professional resume templates. You can select the one which suits you. If you write your resume, you can check your resume score with our professional team and get suggestions to improve your resume.

I hope you got all the information you searched for. Best wishes for your job interview. Go and get it.

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