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What to do After Getting a Job Confirmation Letter?

A job confirmation letter is a formal document that states the employment confirmation of a candidate. An employer uses this job confirmation letter to confirm the position and the salary or wages the new joiner will get. It may also be referred to as an employment confirmation letter.

In the 21st century, the cost of living has been raised to such an extent that all families suffer from scarcity of resources. They have to encourage all the family members to be an earning member. So, from childhood, the children are being trained and prepared in such a manner, that they can become successful in life.

A candidate struggles a lot to get employed in their dream company. They prepare themselves for the interview session from all the aspects. Know how to brand yourself to boost chances of getting hired. Once the employee attains an interview session, they become 70% confirm about whether he/she will be selected for the company or not till they wait for the final confirmation.

Once the candidate gets the job confirmation letter, he or she needs to take a critical decision about joining the company. The candidate needs to follow a process that will be as follows:

what to do after getting job confirmation letter
  • A thorough understanding of the job description that has been offered to the candidate by the company.
  • The candidate has to determine the career path that means the job description offered to him or her, is suitable for the candidate or not, and it will help build his or her career.
  • The candidate has to collect more and more information about the company and its management, its operations and much more such information.
  • The candidate has to check the compensation part of the offer letter, whether these suits with his or her requirements and build as per his or her job description or not.
  • The candidate has to gather information about the working condition of the organisation, whether the candidate can get accustomed to the working environment or not.
  • Once the candidate is satisfied with all the aspects, they accept the job confirmation letter or else he or she has got the full authority to reject the job confirmation letter.

Now let’s discuss what to do after getting a job confirmation letter:

Getting ready for the lucky call:

Once the candidate leaves the interview room, he or she becomes 70% confident about his or her selection in the company. The candidate has to get ready for the confirmation call; the confirmation may come through phone calls, mail, or letter. For each of the cases, the candidate has to be prepared like; when the candidate gets the call, he or she has to be a good listener and has to be polite, if he or she gets the confirmation through the mail, he or she has to take plenty of time before giving the reply, and if the confirmation comes through a letter, he or she has to take time for the acceptance. In each of the cases, the candidate has to take time before giving any reply.

Recheck the letter of confirmation:

The candidate has to check the letter of confirmation again and again so that if there is any hidden clause mentioned in the letter that will hamper the career of the candidate in any way, the candidate has to talk with the management of the company.

Initiate a negotiation offer:

The candidate has to initiate a negotiation before accepting the offer. Because if the candidate expects the offer without any question or hesitation, the company may think that the candidate might expect less than they are offering, so the candidate should always show that their expectation is much more than what the company is offering.

Inform the other potential employers:

It is always expected that a candidate has some good contacts with lots of employers because being professional, good networking with valuable contacts is always appreciated, so once the candidate gets the confirmation, he or she should inform other potential employers so that they get to know that the candidate is capable of working in the reputed company and he or she is gathering the experience day by day.

Emphasise proper documentation and paperwork:

The candidate sometimes gets the confirmation through the telephone. The candidate must emphasise the written confirmation because it is impossible for anybody to take every information over the phone and then remember it completely. So proper documentation and paperwork are always necessary after getting the confirmation.

Reply with a 'thank you' mail:

Once the candidate gets the confirmation, the candidate has to give a thank you mail as a reply. The reply is always necessary as good conduct.

Show interest and enthusiasm:

The candidate has to show his or her interest in joining the company and also be very enthusiastic to work in the company. Because the company always appreciates the employee full of enthusiasm and energy, who can serve the company in a better way and help the company achieve its goal.

Use the positive mannerisms:

The employee should be positive minded. Because for working in the organisation, a positive mindset is always necessary, those who work in the organisation must be positive-minded while accepting any new project because a positive mindset motivates the employees.

Understanding the objectives of being selected:

The candidate must be aware of the objectives of the management regarding why they have selected the candidate for the particular post and with the particular job description, until and unless the candidate has a clear cut picture about the company objectives, he or she should not agree to join the organisation.

Take some time for the right decision:

The candidate should take plenty of time before making the decision because the candidate has to leave the previous company and serve the notice period, so before giving the confirmation, the candidate has to take plenty of time to understand that the decision is right or wrong.

Understanding the roles and responsibilities:

The candidate has to understand the roles and responsibilities that the company is offering to the candidate because once he or she joins the company, the candidate has to take those responsibilities to prove his efficiency.

Leave current organisation with a positive note:

The candidate has to leave the current organisation positively, whatever reason he faced before leaving that company. Many times, it has been observed that the HR department verifies or cross-checks with the previous company regarding the reason for leaving the previous company or the behaviour of the candidate etc.

Being connected with the previous company colleagues:

The candidate has to be connected with the previous company’s colleagues because the colleagues will help him get the door open if the candidate again thinks that he or she will again join the previous company after some years. The colleagues can also give good information about the candidate to the new company. In case any cross verification has been done by the current company.

Thus we can say the above mentioned few things an individual candidate has to follow once he or she get selected in a company and gets the job confirmation letter.

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