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Are you holding an Account Manager position or want to upgrade your career into this profession? Know the job roles and responsibilities for this position and some tips for writing account manager resumes. Check these account manager resume samples and book yours to get a professional resume.

Account Manager Visual Resume Sample
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Account Manager Infographic Resume Sample
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Account Manager Job Description:

Clients and company relationships are a very important thing in the corporate world. The Account manager is the person who ensures that. So it is really hard to attain an Account Manager job. Today I am going to share some tips and ideas that will help you to land on the Account Manager job.

What does an Account Manager do?

An Account Manager, shortly known as AM is the person who serves as a lead point of contact between one or a group of clients and the company. He ensures the sales and management relationship with the clients and ensures that they continue to do business with the company for a long period. The happy and unhappy cooperation is determined by the Account Manager. The attitude of the account manager is a great asset to the company. A good communicator and the person with good negotiation and problem-solving skills will be the ideal person for this type of job.

They serve as an interface between the sales and customer service departments of the firm. They get a report about the problems of the clients from the Customer Service Department, and find a solution and convey them with the Sales Department. They are the mid-level Officers in the Hierarchy level. A company will have more than one Account Manager, the numbers are determined based on the clients they have. Each Account Manager will be allotted with one or a group of consumers. The Account Manager has to fulfill the requirements and solve the problems of the clients. He needs to build a good relationship with him. He also manages the daily running of the Account. In a highly competitive market, the Account Manager has major responsibilities and duties. Let see them one by one before that, for further clearance let us see the differences between the Account Manager and related jobs.

In small firms, due to lack of experts and professionals, the responsibilities of various jobs overlap with one another, because of this the people lose the main core motive of the job and confuse them with others. Mostly Account Manager is wrongly related to Salesperson and Customer Service providers. Though he is related to these peoples he is different from them.

Sales VS Account Manager:

A salesperson is the one who makes calls and other promotional activities and signs a deal with a new client. Once the client is added then he surrenders in the hands of the Account Manager. The Salesperson encloses all the information and dealings with the account manager. Then the Account manager will ensure that he stays in the company in the future, by signing various contracts and agreements with the client.

Customer Service VS Account Manager:

Both of them work with the customers, most of the companies don’t have separate duties for these two. But the consumer service provider is responsible to interact with all the customers and solve the problems. But an Account manager will not deal with all the customers, he deals with particular clients. Mostly Customer Service providers were employed in the companies where the products are sold to the general public. But the Account Manager doesn’t deal with the General public, he deals with secondary manufacturers or distributors, in other words, clients. The main difference between them is clients and Consumers.

Responsibilities of the Account manager:

The roles and responsibilities of Account manager vary from one company to another. They involve duties based on their client’s needs and preferences. And their salary or commission will also vary based on the number of clients they deal with and Duties they get involved in. They cooperate with various officers and managers in the firm. They work with the sales manager regarding the sales of client’s products. And with the marketing Manager about practicing the client’s promotional activities or needs for discounts. The Account Manager usually reports the performance and client’s considerations with the Account Director or General Director. Though the duties and responsibilities vary based on the client here some basic responsibilities of the Account Manager:

  • The voice between both sides: The Account manager acts as a voice between both ends of the communication. They get the suggestions and problems of the clients and report them to the Operational Department. On the other hand, they act as the spokesperson of the company. They explain the new plans of the company and the future plans of the company with the Clients. Though they get paid from the company they work for both sides.
  • Finding new sales opportunities within the available client Account: They create new sales opportunities for the company by finding new sales opportunities by in-selling and Cross-Selling. In-selling is the process of selling large scale and high valued goods to the customers which are not considered before. They negotiate and make the In-selling contracts. The Cross-Selling deals with introducing the new markets to the client. Though they are not related to his industry the company promotes these goods through the Account manager and Sales them to Clients.
  • Establish Budget between the client and Company: As the point of contract between both parties they also ascertain the budget between them. They negotiate deals and plan the expenses for the upcoming financial year.
  • Submitting the Accounts behalf of the client: He submits the annual report of accounts to the company on behalf of the client. The report consists of the dealings, expenses and sales, purchase, and services made with the clients.

Other functions:

  • Collaborate with the sales team to identify and grow opportunities within the territory.
  • Ensure the timely and successful delivery of the solutions according to customer needs and objectives.
  • Develop new business with existing clients and/or identify areas of improvement to meet sales quotas
  • Forecast and track key account metrics (e.g. quarterly sales results and annual forecasts)
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting client relationships
  • Develop trusted advisor relationships with key accounts, customer stakeholders and executive sponsors
  • Assist with challenging client requests or issue escalations as needed

Expectations or Requirements by the Recruiter:

The requirements and qualifications margin is fixed based on the size of the company, in many small companies overlap Account managers with other duties. And the Account manager also deals with many experts so they should have a wide knowledge of different fields. Here are some basic qualifications expected by the recruiter for an ideal Account Manager.
  • Work Experience in Account Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, or other related fields.
  • Problem-solving and Multi-Tasking skills. Basic Computer skills like MS Office, MS Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • And the experience in the sales software likes CRM.
  • High talent to conceal and convince stakeholders, directors, and other heads.
  • Strong Verbal and Communications skills.
  • Basic Graduation in Commerce or Marketing.
  • Skill in Demonstrating the presentation and influencing the peoples.
  • The talent of managing various finance accounts of the number of clients while giving attention to the details.
The above information may differ, it is better to read the qualifications mentioned in the resume. If possible, make a research about the company and prepare your resume accordingly.

Common Skills:

Common Certifications:

Tips for Writing Account Manager Resume:

Alright, by now you should have got the basic idea about the responsibilities of the Account Manager and the duties performed by him in the day to day life. Now compare yourself with the job notice and requirements, if you feel you are qualified and best fit for the job then you can apply and send your resume. I am not here to convince you to hire us. But we have experts who can design a winning resume. We don’t just write the resume with the information given by you. We make research about the employer companies and your portfolio then we will classify your qualifications and achievements and prepare the best resume. But if you are capable then you can write your resume. Here are some basic tips to follow in your resume to write a standalone resume.

1. Format your Resume:

Many of the resumes get rejected due to providing confusing information. Remember it is said a recruiter will send only 6 minutes in one’s resume. So he should be attracted within overlook of the resume. This cannot be done with only colorful designs and templates. The information enclosed should be ordered accordingly. The formats are classified into three major categories Reverse Chronological Order, Traditional Order (chronological), and Functional Order. I recommend the Reverse Chronological for you; if you are new talent then you can use Functional Resume. Following heads can be used in your resume,
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Education and Certifications
  • Summary:

    It is better to start your resume with a short and crisp summary. Your summary should be an overview of the things you are going to include in the resumes. You can add advantage or odd quality to other candidates. You should also use all the main keywords or phrases informed in the Job notice, as this attracts the Automated Applicant Tracking System. If you attach a Cover letter with your resume then it is not important to write a Summary.

  • Experience:

    As the Account manager has high responsibility the Work Experience is always regarded as an important thing. If you’re a new talent waiting for opportunities then you can compile your qualities and be experienced in any other related job. You can even explain any situation and the way you dealt with it. Here are some jobs which can be added in the Experience head:

    • Key Account Manager.
    • Sales Assistant.
    • Commission Agent.
    • Sales manager.
    • Sales client.
    • Marketing Agent. Etc…

    Be selective in complaining about your experience; don’t mention all your day-to-day experience. It is good to file all your skills and experience but too much information may lead your resume to trash. Try to attach all the information mentioned in the job notice, and the keywords will reduce the time for the hiring manager and help you to crack the Automated Applicant Tracking System.

    Make your experience in the quantity terms, as the human mind is attracted more by the quantities, For Example. I have 3 years’ experience; I have dealt with 7 clients etc… It is also better to add if you have any achievements or certifications received by you from your previous employer.

  • Skills and Abilities:

    Instead of just mentioning your skills, show the achievements are the acts you’re performed in those skills. And don’t enclose all the skills under one head. You should show the basic skills under and you can create a list of additional skills after your Education Information. Don’t miss any skills informed on the job notice.

  • Education And Certifications:

    This is the place for the newcomers. You can win the job by showing off your Academic Qualifications. If you are experienced then you can just provide the basic information about your education, but the newbie should provide the maximum information like marks, achievements, projects submitted.etc… You can also enclose the certification of the additional courses you entered during your college. And if any part-time job you are involved during the period related to this industry then you can also add those in your resume.

2. Deal wisely with the ATS:

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an Automated Software which Checks your resume for the company’s requirements and qualifications by the keywords inserted by the employer or already inbuilt in them. If the resume doesn’t contain the details or keywords then it will reject them. As now the candidates applying for the jobs are massed in numbers the Applicant Tracking System is used, so you should know that your resume is handed to the recruiter after it is checked by the computer. If you need to crack the ATS then you should include all the keywords in your resume. Mostly the keywords are just the basic requirement for the jobs; you can get them from the job notice.

Why us?

Our resumes are prepared according to candidate qualifications and the job requirements. We classify the merits and demerits of the candidate qualifications and match them with the employer requirements and order them accordingly. We also make research about the company you’re applying and design your resume as per their taste and expectations. We also provide some information which will help you during your interview. Other than resume writing service we also design account manager resume templates and some free resume templates for those who can write their resume effectively. You can select the one which suits you. If you write your resume you can check your resume score with our professional team and get suggestions to improve your resume.

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