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7 Important Tips on Resume Writing

Professional resume writing requires preparation and practice. Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes for a job posting. A resume built with the proper format can get noticed easily. Many professional resume writing services and expert resume writers make resumes for job seekers. You can write your resume too. You need to write a good resume and a proper cover letter to boost your chance of hiring. To write a resume like an expert, you need to follow some basic rules. Besides that, you can consider my tips to make your resume powerful.

Mention proper contact information

Mention proper contact information.

You need to include appropriate contact information so the hiring managers can reach you easily. The contact information includes telephone number, email address, residential address, Linkedin profile id, or any other professional profile link. The phone number must be with a prefix country code. The email id must be professional where you should add your name. Example: ([email protected]) The residential address must be proper so that if they sent a letter to that address, it reaches to you. Always place your contact information on the top section of your resume. Write down your name with bold letters, and the font size must be larger than the other fonts. Name your resume file using your full name to make it easy to find for the recruiters. Example: (adam-paul-cv)
Quality matters, not quantity

Quality matters, not quantity.

Your resume must be a high-quality resume. Always tailor it according to the post you are going to apply. I have reviewed many resumes written by individuals where they used unnecessary words to stretch their resume. Filler words make a negative impact. Unnecessary stretching a resume is not at all a good thing. Try to make your resume one-pager or maximum two-pager. Hiring managers spend a maximum of 10 seconds to scan a resume. Trim out some industry experience which is too old to mention. Like, if you have over 15 years of experience, you can neglect your training experiences. Input only relevant information so they can get highlighted to the recruiters. Remember, the quality matters the most, not the quantity.
Tailor it according to the post

Tailor it according to the post.

Always make sure your resume is targetting the job position for which you are applying. Tailor your resume every time before sending it to a recruiter. It is good to research about the company or the job post before starting the alteration process. Mention your skills, qualifications, educations, and certifications which are relevant to the particular position. Sometimes ATS systems are involved in the resume scanning process. Proper keywords help a resume to pass this process and increase the chance of selection.
Choose the proper format

Choose the proper format.

Always choose a consistent format for your resume that looks professional, clean with an ample amount of white space left. Make a proper margin of 0.5 inches on all sides of your resume. Use clear headings and bullet points throughout the resume. The font you are using must be easy to read and have a minimum size of 10 points. You can use Calibri font for the best visual experience. There are many resume formats available but don’t rely on any of them. Get a suggestion from expert resume writers for the best template you can get for your resume. A proper format increases visibility and boosts the chance of selection.

Use skills forget objectives

Use skills, forget objectives.

A ‘Career Objective’ statement in a resume is outdated. Hiring managers sometimes assume your career objective by reading your cover letter. Instead, you can focus on your skills and highlight them throughout your resume. Your career experience, skills, and knowledge matter the most. If you have any particular skill related to the job, or you got any certification in a particular category, don’t forget to mention it. You need to study the keywords the organization uses for scanning your resume. Thoroughly read the job advertisement or vacancy related information to discover those keywords and put them to your resume. If those are matching their requirements, they will surely contact you.
Use action verbs

Use action verbs.

Count your achievements and excellence with action verbs in front of them. It makes a powerful impact and makes you an eligible candidate. They might take you seriously and contact you immediately. You can use some action verbs while mentioning your impact on the previous organizations. Here are some examples of action verbs you can use:
  • Developed a team of four sales executives…
  • Improved the qualities of finished products…
  • Secured 1st position in the territory business category…
  • Exceeded annual sales goal over 14%…
  • Maintained customer satisfaction rate…
This type of use of action verbs will make your resume rich.
Proofread again and again

Proofread again and again.

After finishing your resume writing, proofread your resume yourself and by some experts. Professional resume writing services sometimes offer a free resume analysis. You can seek their help. Sometimes, a writer can’t find his/her fault. Proofreading is the way to solve the problem. You can read your resume from the employer’s perspective. This way you can evaluate your resume and find if any section needs some improvements. Make sure there is no grammatical or typographical error, filler words, or improper bullets throughout the script.
Follow these tips and you can also write it to yourself. Collect all the important information and sort it out. Write down all your skills on a paper and think which skills you must include on your resume. Don’t play with fonts. Stick to one font and that would be perfect. Just make it bold or size it differently for the best look. Use some action verbs and phrases that make your resume rich. Hiring managers love to see the dedication and effort a candidate made to build their resume. Many people think that they can make their resume with ease, but the situation is different. They sometimes started writing their resume and don’t take help from the experts. Where many professionals try to improve their resumes constantly to achieve success by seeking expert helps. These tips will definitely help you to make a job-ready resume. But, a resume alone can’t make a strong impact. You need to send a proper cover letter with it for every job application. Check how to write a cover letter that makes a good impact. You can have a look at the ultimate job interview preparation checklist for a better interview opportunity.

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