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Text vs Visual vs Infographic Resume: Which one to use?

Basically three types of resumes and CVs options are there when someone thinks to make a resume. But there is a little bit of confusion about what type to use: Text Resume, Visual Resume or Infographic Resume.

Text resume is the most common type and widely used by professionals, but on the other hand, Visual resume and Infographic resumes are now getting the attention of many employers. These two types of resumes are built to make hiring managers pay closer attention to your resume. They can also help you stand out from the crowd and land you to your dream job.

Every job position seeks a different kind of resume and every hiring manager’s views are different. So, it is a very tough decision to make which resume type suits anyone’s profile best.

The traditional resume design is still the favourite.

If anyone applying for a formal profession, the text resume format will fit best. The Visual or Infographic style may fit, but most likely, the employers value the traditional one for that post. Non-creative fields like government, academia, finance, law, healthcare mostly prefer Text resumes.

Text resume designs look old but have many advantages:

  1. Passes the most ATS software
  2. Text Resume format has high readability
  3. Has a clean design with a clear hierarchy
  4. Is optimized with proper keywords

Though the Text Resumes are not so visually appealing, there is still some scope to represent all the information so professionally, that it can also grab the attention of employers.

Visual Resume is in trend.

Some recruiters welcome Visual Resumes as this a way to show creativity in the first approach. Creative resumes are popular in creative sectors like fashion, photography, marketing, design & arts. If any industry welcomes Visual resumes, then it may be count as an advantage of having one. It makes a solid first impression and the recruiter may take a long time to go through it. That’s obviously a good sign!

Using a Visual Resume is a way to stand out from the crowd and it could make you land for that job if creativity and interactive skills are important factors for that position.

Visual CV / Resumes are getting popular because:

  1. They are easy to go through for the employer
  2. They are eye-catching & makes a good impression
  3. Approved by various industries & recruiters
  4. They can be used in an online profile

Though Visual Resumes are visually appealing, there are still some rules to follow to make a perfect visual resume.

  1. Neat & clean format is still the best choice. A Visual Resume may be too appealing, but if it is messy, it doesn’t worth it. A proper Visual Resume should have a clean design with proper layer styles.
  2. Font style & size should be coherent. Different font styles have different font sizes ratio. Like, Arial font size 10 is larger than Calibri font size 10. So, it should be kept in mind, while designing a CV or Resume.
  3. The choice of color matters the most. Visual Resumes are built to drag the attention of the reader. It is safe not to play with colors. It’s better to stick to some popular color combination which are industry approved.
  4. Keywords should be still there. Though Visual CV & Resumes have some visual effects, the keywords should be still there. Keywords play an important role in Resumes. It is necessary to add some relevant keywords in the top body section of Resume so that it can be easy to find for both human recruiters and ATS.

Infographic Resume.

An infographic resume is based on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words. Infographic CV/Resume is known for delivering information in a visually powerful way. Summarizing your experiences in infographic format can quickly and assertively show the recruiter that you’re a great candidate who knows the job inside out.

Infographics sort, arrange and showcase data in an easy-to-understand manner. Recruiters, who don’t have much time can be attracted by infographic CV/Resumes.

Infographic CV / Resumes have some unique features:

  1. It represents information graphically
  2. Modern & eye-catching
  3. Approved by various industries & recruiters
  4. Perfect for highly experienced personnel & designers

Though Infographic Resumes are visually appealing, there are still some rules to follow to make a perfect visual resume.

  1. Less text, more visuals. An Infographic Resume contains more visuals than text but should be information riched. A proper Infographic Resume should have all the information in graphical representation.
  2. Graphical representation should be actual. Infographic means it is the graphical representation of information. Making a proper infographic is a real tough job. Career growth should be represented as a timeline, skills and other competencies should be represented visually.
  3. The choice of color combination matters too. Infographic Resumes are the best way to describe yourself in today’s market of competition. Infographic CV and Resumes should have a rich template with the proper color combination.

So, who wins the battle?

Actually all three of them. Each one has it’s own purpose. It doesn’t matter, which one you should go for, what matters is, that one should be built properly. A proper Text Resume can beat an Infographic Resume which is built poorly, even when the post is for a graphic designer. Always keep in mind, your resume is the marketing strategy of a brand, that is you. So get your Resume from a Professional Resume Builder & Designer to grow your career with ease.