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Want A Job In 2021? Attractive Text Resume Templates Can Help

In 2021, getting a suitable job is difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a massive fall in the global economy. Several companies are still recovering from the destruction of the pandemic. Because of this, there is fair competition for good job posts in every sector. However, the most common part of having a job remains the same. Yes, it is to write a professional CV using the best CV template word to promote your skills, experience, achievements, and more to attract the recruiters of your field. Writing a professionally attractive resume is tricky if you have no experience.

To help you get the most suitable job, here are some resume-writing steps:

1: Choose the relevant format:

The first step to start a resume is to select the correct format. Three basic resume formats are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination. According to preference, one can choose the format to arrange diverse sections in the resume.

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Reverse-Chronological resume format.

It is a popular formatting style where you can list your work history from recent to previous. Therefore, the recent job remains on the top of the position.

Functional resume format.

It focuses more on your skills than your work history. Job seekers who want to change their career field usually choose functional resume formats.

Combination resume format.

It has mixed elements from both a chronological and functional resume. Experienced candidates with extensive skills use this format to depict detailed information on their resumes.

2: Arrange your contact information:

Once you choose the format, arrange your contact information clearly so that employers can discover who you are and what your contact details are. Here is a list of details you should start from the top of the page:

  • Name in large font
  • Telephone number with the facility of a voicemail message/WhatsApp
  • Email address
  • Link to online portfolio (optional)
  • Updated LinkedIn profile URL
  • Permanent/Current Mailing Address

3: Make a captivating introduction:

Create a catchy introduction that introduces your key skills and qualifications. Place the resume introduction at the top of the document. It’s rich, and brief features encourage recruiters to read the entire document.

Different resume introductions, followed by candidates include:

  • Resume aim or career aim
  • Resume summary or professional summary
  • Synopsis of qualifications or qualifications summary
  • A resume profile or professional profile
  • Resume personal statement
  • “About Me” section

Resume aim and resume summary are two common introduction styles used by job seekers

Resume aim

It focuses on your career goal as a new candidate. This statement shows your skills and experience and explains why you are interested in the position. It should be a two to a three-line statement.

Resume summary

A professional summary is a five to six-line paragraph or bulleted format that highlights your past attainments and skills.

4: Highlight your relevant work experience:

The work experience section is the most crucial portion as it represents your qualification best. Create this section logically using relevant words to represent your experience in the field. Write the section in chronological order. Here is a format of writing this segment:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Company location (city and state)
  • Date of starting the job & tenure

Tailor your experience when you make the text resume for jobs. Using this strategy, you can make your recruiters feel that you are the perfect candidate for the advertised job.

5: Create a comprehensible education section:

If you are recently graduated or a new job seeker, create an understandable education segment. If you have lack professional experience but an excellent record in school, explain it on your resume.

  • Degree
  • The names of university, college, or technical school
  • Location of the institute
  • Year of passing
  • Percentile/CGPA/Grade (if relevant)

Include relevant coursework on your CV if you are a recent graduate and have little work experience yet.

6: Highlight your significant job skills:

Recruiters look for candidates who have job-specific skills in a particular job field. Don’t list a heap of skills in a segment, but distribute your skills into different sections on your resume. It will be more eye-catchy and will attract your job seekers more obviously.

You can display your hard and soft skills in your introduction and work experience segment. And list your most important abilities, such as technical skills you have in your text resume templates.

Hard skills

These are job-specific skills you have achieved through education, training, or on-site experience. Language skills, computer skills, and operating heavy machinery are some examples of hard skills.

Soft skills

Soft skills are the features that impact your hard skills. These skills are not achieved through learning. Motivation, responsibility, sincerity, integrity, discipline, teamwork, patience, empathy are some examples of soft skills.

Technical skills

If you have industry-specific skills to explain in your CV, mention those skills also.

7: Attach your certifications, awards, and honors:

Your resume is an excellent place to display your certifications, honors, or awards you have achieved during school or college days or in jobs.

Some awards that you can include in your resume:

  • Academic honors
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Professional affiliations
  • Volunteer positions

8: Choose an attractive layout:

After considering how many pages are there in your resume, choose a creative layout. By adding splashes of colours, backdrop art, skill bars, or icons, you can make your resume more creative and can make a better impact on your employers. However, adding many style elements in a text-based resume is not recommended. For those styling, you can choose a visual resume template or an infographic resume template. You should always highlight your skills and qualification clearly and in an easy-to-read manner.

For the best resume writing guides, you have other online resources. You can also contact an experienced resume building website for your help.

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