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Are you holding a Business Development and Marketing Executive position or want to upgrade your career into this profession? Know the job roles and responsibilities for this position and some tips for writing Business Development and Marketing Executive resumes. Check these Business Development and Marketing Executive resume samples and book yours to get a professional resume.
Business Development and Marketing Visual Resume Template
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Business Development and Marketing Executive Job Description:

Hey there, are you looking for some Business Development and Marketing Executive resume templates? Are you a job aspirant? Then you should know about the duties and requirements, and expectations of the employers for these jobs. Though both the business development and the marketing executive are regarded as two different jobs, their duties and responsibilities are interlinked. In many companies, the same personnel manages both jobs. Let’s see what their work and duties are.

What does a Business Development Executive do?

The business development manager is also known as a Business Development Support Executive. He is the first point of contact who introduces the company’s products to the new clients and assigns them to the existing clients. He should know of the new market factors, client’s availability, etc… Business Development manager’s prime motive is to expand the business and attain optimum profit to the company. He is involved in many duties, let us see the major duties of them.
  • Planning and strategies making: Here is where the Business Development Manager (BDM) excels and helps the company; it is the main responsibilities and duties of a BDM. He makes the production plan, the strategies, and plan by calculating the cost, resources, and finance available. He plays a major role in the development of the firm.
  • Arranging meetings with the clients: The development of a company involves many corporations and partnership contracts. It is the main duty of the Business Development Manager to arrange meetings with clients. He should communicate the agenda and venue of the meeting. He has also involved in the other development cooperative programs that help in Business development.
  • Preparing contracts: The major responsibilities of the Business Development Representative are to check the contracts, agreements, and make negotiations in those fields. He should give various presentations to the company’s internal heads about the short-term as well as long term, and also about the financial status of the company or for a particular department.
Other than these major duties, there are also some additional duties to the Business Development support. They are as follows:
  • Making research on the product market for new inventive ideas.
  • Attending meetings, conferences, workshops, parties, or banquets on behalf of the company.
  • Planning training for new employees, and updating the technology of the company.
  • Developing quotations and price for the clients.
  • Projecting the financial plan for getting a loan for the organization.
  • Making sure the organizational activities and internal working scheduling.
  • Planning and implementing customer satisfaction services to get good feedback.

What does a Marketing Executive do?

The marketing executive or marketing director is the person who works to make a profit for the company through the sales of the products. They are involved in the process of advertising and promoting products. They make the sales strategy and achieve a fixed target according to the plan. They are involved in many customer-related works and increase the demand and customer base of the product. Let us see the major duties of the marketing executives:
  • Mapping Marketing Strategies: The marketing executive will be the mastermind for the success of every product sales. He makes the pre-marketing strategies and implements them in a period of demand. He should count on the distribution capacity, customer behavior, market situation, and Government policies to make the plan.
  • Making market research: He should be updated and ready for the new trends, the culture of the market. The Marketing executive will be liable for making many surveys, getting a public opinion, and conducting public participating programs to know the trend of the market. Nowadays, many competitions are held by the Marketing department to know the customer’s mindset.
  • Advertisements and promotion: This is the main ground where marketing professionals play their skills. Due to the completion in the markets, the Advertisements and promotions are inevitable. The marketing executive is involved in advertisements for the products in the Television, Social media, other websites, and also physical campaigns. He also makes the strategic plan to increase sales by providing discounts and offers, after-sales services like warranties, home delivery, etc.. They are also responsible for signing contracts with the idols to act advertisements for their products.
Other than the above duties, the Marketing Executive also has some other responsibilities. They are as follows:
  • Developing many inventive marketing strategies.
  • Organizing advertisements, programs, competitions, exhibitions, and public care services on behalf of the company.
  • Creating and filling the reports of the marketing campaign and producing those to top management.
  • Collaborating with the other managers for preparing annual budgets.
  • Sharing the reports on the surveys and research made on the products.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the media and customers.
  • Monitoring the acts of the competitor’s plan to overcome its strategy.
  • Fulfilling the consumer or customer grievances.

Business Development Executive VS Marketing Executive:

From the above information, you should have got a basic idea about the jobs you are going to apply to. Now you can prepare your resume from the above ideas. But for further clearance, let’s see some differences between the Business Development Manager (BDM) and Marketing Executive. Though skills, requirements, expectations, responsibilities, and duties are the same, there are some core differences between these two. Both of them make plans and strategies to attain the profit for the companies. Business Development professionals aim at increasing the profit of the company by expanding the business area, resources, etc… where Marketing Executives helps the business by increasing sales and turnover. In short, marketing in a narrow motive where sales are promoted, Business development is a wide motive which focuses on overall development. Though they differ in the core meaning, the requirements and skills mainly needed for these two jobs are research, planning, and decision making. This is the reason why both jobs are interrelated, and one cannot work without the other.

Requirements or Expectations of the Employers:

The requirements and qualifications for both Business Development Executive and marketing Executive are mostly the same. They are:
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or Business related Subjects.
  • Experience as a Business Development Executive or a Marketing Executive (not compulsory).
  • Good Organizational Skills.
  • Should excel in Decision making, Researching, and planning.
  • Excellent communication and Computer skills.
  • The person should be loyal and Multi-tasking.
  • Should have a good presence of mind and be able to work on high pressure.
  • Time Management and Planning skills.
  • Basic knowledge about the market and the company nature.

Common Skills:

Common Certifications:

Tips for writing Business Development and Marketing Executive Resume:

Nowadays, resume writing has become very tough work. The demands for resumes are higher than in the past decades. Many people lose their job opportunities because of their low quality resumes. We, provide the best resume writing services for every profession like resumes for business development and marketing executives. If you are planning to write your resume, then you can submit your resume to us. We will review it, and give our suggestions which will help you to increase your resume quality. Here are some professional resume writing tips and ideas to remember while writing the resume for your Business Development and Marketing Executive Job.

1. Crack the ATS:

The massive applications for the job make the employer use the ATS that is Applicant Tracking System. So your resumes land on the hand of the recruiter after they got checked by this software. Research shows, nearly 70% of the resume got rejected by these ATS software.
  • What is ATS?

    The applicant tracking system is an Automated Software which Checks your resume for the company’s requirements and qualifications and the keywords inserted by the employer or already embedded in them. If the resume doesn’t contain the details or keywords, then it will reject them. For example, if the employer inserted past work experience as a must in the search module, then your resume without any work experience details will be rejected.
It is not difficult as it looks to crack the ATS. The only thing is you should add the keywords or heads in your resume that the targeted company expects. Here are some common keywords for the Business Development and Marketing Executive Job Resume.
  • Business Development Support
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Support
  • Marketing Executive
  • Planning and Strategy Making
  • Meetings Schedule
  • Filing
  • Budget
  • Survey Taking and report filing
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Contracting and Co-operating Customer Service
  • Conducting programs and promotional Activities
  • Dealing Crucial Situation
  • Sales Promotion
  • Social Media Account maintaining. Etc…

2. Win by your experience:

The next thing you can do is add your experience. In the case of Business Development and Marketing Executive, the quantity doesn’t matter, only quality matters. The reason is, these both jobs involve subjective concepts like decision making, researching, and planning. These can be learned only by experience. Your skills and experience will only give you a chance. So add your past work experience and achievements. Follow the below tips while adding the experience:
  • Be selective in writing about your experience. Don’t mention all your day-to-day experiences. It is good to file all your skills and experience, but too much information may lead your resume to trash.
  • Try to attach all the information mentioned in the job notice, and the keywords will reduce the time for the hiring manager and help you to beat the Automated Applicant Tracking System.
  • Show your experience in the quantity terms, like “reduced the cost to 22%”, “worked with 213 clients”, “Promoted Sales by 31%”, etc… Psychology says the quantity terms attract the businessman than the quality. On the other hand, don’t mention the quantity if they are not impressive.
  • Achievements stand top among the experience. If you have any achievements in your past work, it is better to add them to your resume. There are many experienced people out there, but achievements are made only by some people. The achievement may be inter or intra-company achievement, but it makes a lot of sense in the interview. You can also mention the products you marketed, and with the people you co-operated before.

3. Additional Skills:

An ideal candidate should excel in all the activities; there are no restrictions for the skills. The more skills you have, the greater the chance for you. So add your additional skills in the separate head in your resume. You can also enclose the achievements made into them. Some of the additional skills you can include are languages known, Computer knowledge, etc… While adding the skills, use crisp and short words for them, don’t make those to cover a lot of space. And also don’t add the required skills mentioned as essential in the job notice to the additional skills section of your resume. This will make the ATS reject your Resume. Remember, don’t repeat the same word or skill in the resume.

New to the industry? Follow this:

If you are a recent graduate and writing your resume for the Business Development and Marketing Executive, then you may not have adequate experience. The reverse chronological order doesn’t work for you. You need to select a new pattern for writing your resume, I recommend a functional resume or a combination resume. It is a combination of reverse chronological and historical resumes. It focuses on your functional point and skills which makes you the best choice for the job. You can design your resume in the following format.
  • Summary: It is the place where you can attract the hiring manager; your summary should make them feel that you’re the ideal person for the job.
  • Skills and experience: It is oblivious that while you’re a newbie, you will not have any experience, but try to enclose any related skills, volunteer experience, or any survey and research you did during your college days.

Some Final Tips for you:

    Focus on the objective of the resume, your resume should be selective, short, and clear. It should only take minimum time to read your resume.
  • Use appropriate heads and subheads and make your resume easy to scan by the ATS. It is better to use a single page reverse chronological resume.
  • Proofread your resume again and again. You can also submit them to the free resume checking websites. The professional resume writers will check your resume and give you suggestions. This service is free of cost.
  • Always send a professional cover letter with the resume. Know how to write a cover letter and make one for every single job application.

I hope this information will help you a lot. All the best for your future work. If you have any suggestion please let them in the comment section.

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