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Are you a student who finished Mechanical Engineering and searching for some tips for writing mechanical engineer resumes for your first interview? Or a professional Mechanical Engineer who wants to upgrade a career? Know the job roles, responsibilities, and some tips for writing Mechanical Engineer resumes. Check these Mechanical Engineer resume samples and book your professional resume to boost your chance to a new career move.

Mechanical Engineer Visual Resume Sample
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Mechanical Engineer Infographic Resume Sample
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Mechanical Engineer Job Description:

In reality, resume writing is a big problem for talented people also, because they are experts in their field but not in writing resumes sometime. Like Engineering, Resume writing also needs experience and knowledge. We, the best resume builder, provide excellent resume writing services across the world. Check these mechanical engineer resume samples for a better view of this. Today, we are going to see the job description of a Mechanical Engineer, his duties and responsibilities, and tips for writing a mechanical engineer resume.

What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

Mechanical Engineer is the person who has a Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. It is a core branch of the Engineering discipline. Mechanical Engineers deal with the designs, calculations, and inventions of the machines. They are good at material knowledge also. In short Mechanical Engineer is the person who designs machines like electric generators, motor engines, and ignition chambers, etc… They also involve in the designing of machines inside the buildings like escalators and lockers etc… They make the blueprint, 3D design for every machine and tool. Every machine will be created by the hands of the Mechanical Engineer. In day to day life, the Mechanical Engineer has a good scope of work and salary. There are various opportunities in this field. Let us see the major responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Mechanical Engineer:

The duties and responsibilities of the mechanical engineer will change based on the industries he works in. So here I am going to explain the common duties and responsibilities that the Mechanical Engineer undergoes in his typical day.

  • Assessing project requirements:

    The first work that mechanical engineers involved in his work-life are making arrangements for the project. Without proper planning, knowing its budget, and the requirements, he cannot design a machine. In some big companies, junior mechanical engineers, or a member of the engineer’s team is assigned to make a report about the requirements of the project. This will be submitted with the company’s Administration Department, and then it will be decided by the Admin.

  • Making 3D designs:

    Not Everyone knows about the Machines, so they need to present their designs in the 3D in front of the administrators or directors to get approval for it, and the 3D designs will make the creation of the machines easier.

  • Doing Further Research:

    An engineer is a person who invents, not the person who manufactures. So, they research further and make inventions and new theories. It is facilitated by the Research and Development Department (R&D).

  • Testing, evaluating, and Re-Testing:

    They need to take the test before the products enter the market or go to the hands of the final consumers. It is a must-do, as this is where theory becomes practical, mistakes are inevitable. They should evaluate the test and point out the drawbacks in them. Then they should make the new plan and get approval from the superiors and Re-Test them.

  • Preparing Reports:

    They create a detailed report about the project they are working on, the result they are expecting, the stage they are currently working, etc… They submit the report monthly or quarterly as the report shows other departments that the funds spent are not wasting, or that the designs will be successful or not.

  • Remodeling and Modifying:

    It is common to remodel or maintain the machines. Every engineer cannot be an inventor, some will involve in the remodeling and maintenance of the machines. They deal with repaired machines or replacement of the machines. They file a report about the problems that may arise in the equipment with time. They sometimes also give suggestions regarding the change of the original designs.

  • Giving Technical Advice:

    Many consultancy services and other small scale companies get technical service from the Mechanical Engineers. The reason they seek technical assistance is that their capital is limited or production is small, thus they are unable to hire a Mechanical Engineer. So if you have enough skills, then you can have your own offices.

  • Analyzing market needs:

    They not only invent, but they also analyze the market and the needs of the market so they can invent according to market needs. And they also face problems with their products in the market and plan what to do to eradicate them. They also keep an eye on the competitor’s product and plan to counteract them.

  • Training:

    The introduction of new products or equipment needs to train people to operate and maintain the product. The old peoples cannot understand or keep up with the developments. The mechanical engineers should form a team to teach the employees about the process and working of the product. Many companies follow providing training as their prime business.

  • Preparing a usage guide:

    They should also provide customers the user manuals for the machine or equipment purchased. It is important to give the cautions about the equipment and the electric consumption details etc… The user manual should be prepared by the experts and published.

  • Publishing Technical Article about the product:

    Every new product or equipment needs promotions. As people don’t know about the equipment, the Mechanical Engineer has to publish a detailed research paper about the equipment in the newspaper or other sources. This also allows the other experts in the field to know the process, and they can give their feedback about the product which will be a great use for further development.

Requirements or Expectations of the Employer:

Here are the basic requirements for applying as a Mechanical Engineer:

  • The applicant should complete at least a basic degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Past work experience as a mechanical engineer or Mechanic assistant or in any other related field.
  • Basic knowledge about the company’s products and their needs
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Effective technical skills
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Team working skills.

Common Skills:

Common Certifications:

Tips for writing Mechanical Engineer resume:

From the above job description, you have got the basic ideas about the Mechanical Engineer’s duties, and the employer’s expectations. Now the real challenge is in writing resumes for mechanical engineers. Many capable candidates lose their jobs due to their inappropriate resume. It is not that you can’t write your resume, but you will need some professional knowledge to do it properly. As I promised earlier, I am going to provide you some tips that our team uses to make a winning resume. Ok, let’s see the tips for writing a winning resume.

1. Proper Resume Format:

The format of your resume plays a vital role in the selection process. There are multiple ways of writing resumes. If you are an experienced candidate, then you can showcase your resume with your experience highlighted (Reverse-Chronological format). Otherwise, you can choose a functional resume format. Check some of our mechanical engineer resume templates to clear the confusion. Today smart world resumes are shared through emails. So, as the resumes become digital, you must show some design skills in your resume template.

2. Crisp Summary:

It is better to start your resume with a short, to the-point-summary. Your resume summary should be an overview of the things you are going to include in the resume. You can add your advantage or odd quality to other candidates, your career excellence, and achievements using bullet points or paragraphs. You should also use all the main keywords or phrases informed in a Job notice, as this helps to pass the Applicant Tracking System.

3. Experience and Achievements:

While showcasing your experience, try to quantify them, as the quantitative terms catch the employer’s eye. Always the achievements speak louder than the experience, so try to attach all the achievements you made, and the source or proof for them if applicable. You can add even small achievements like project completion conducted inside the department. Nowadays, all the resumes become digital, so you can give the introduction or heading about the achievements and experience and provide a link to your LinkedIn page or other pages that will explain them in detail.

4. Competencies and Skills:

You must add the core skills under this heading and you can also mention the additional skills after your education information. Don’t miss any skills informed on the job notice. As for the mechanical engineer, there are many soft skills and hard skills one might have. We have added some common skills below, you can provide them in your resume if you have some.

5. Educations and other Certifications:

You can win the job by showing off your excellent academic qualifications. If you are experienced, then you can just provide the basic information about your education, but the fresher should provide the maximum information like marks, GPAs, projects submitted etc… You can also enclose the certification of the additional courses you entered during your college. And if any part-time job you are involved in during the period related to this industry, then you can also add those in your resume.

Tips for Freshers:

As a fresher, most candidates create their resume in a reverse-chronological layout, but that is suitable for only experienced professionals. Freshers need an exceptional layout that focuses on their strengths while additionally highlighting them as a strong nominee for the job they are applying for.

A fresher must follow the below mentioned things while writing resume:

  • The applicant should complete at least a basic degree in mechanical engineering.
  • Past work experience as a mechanical engineer or Mechanic assistant or in any other related field.
  • Basic knowledge about the company’s products and their needs
  • Professionalism and reliability
  • Effective technical skills
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Team working skills.

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