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Infographic Resume Template Designing Guide

Today’s employers not only accept the standard application model, but they also like to check applicant’s social media accounts, their websites and welcome more creative job applications. By creating an infographic resume, you can show employers why you deserve their attention.

An infographic resume is the most creative way to engage and attract more employers with your offers. Infographic resume templates use graphics to rank your expertise and experience from beginners to expert levels. This exclusive marketing tool helps companies quickly understand how valued you are by profession.

If you are not a professional resume designer, you never value how important this tool is. Using an appropriate design, you can create an interesting infographic CV. 

To design Infographic Resume Templates:

1. Touch up your simple resume template with ultra-fine visuals.

infographic resume template sections

Maybe you are comfortable with your simple and traditional resume format. Still, you can bring a touch of creativity to your resume with some simple visuals. Add a bar chart, or pie chart to showcase your skills.

2. Depict your interests and skills using charts.

charts and graphs in infographic resume template

Infographic Resume Templates give you an opening to present your academics and qualifications more aesthetically. Use charts to showcase dates, numbers, and major points in your infographic CV. For example, you can use a word cloud to display your interests and expertise or a donut pie chart can rate your experience level to accomplish hard tasks.

3. Create decorative borders to your infographic resume template.

resume borders

Adding a decorative border can make your template more alluring. Choose an image or color palette for the border. Then create a rectangular area where you want to write your text. A border not only makes your CV format appealing, but it says something more about your personality than a traditionally looking CV.

4. A mind map can highlight your attractive characteristics.

mind map

An infographic resume template is a way to show off your qualifications creatively. A mind map is a layout that points to your most valuable qualities. It is a way to focus your positive qualities that recruiters don’t miss to review. Choose the central area around your picture and write up unique talents, qualities, personal skills, and others that companies judge your value to hire for their posts. Using icons for representing each quality is an excellent way to make the complete document more attractive.

5. Emphasize your personal goals by creating a header image.

header image

An eye-catching header not only increases the aesthetic value of your infographic CV template but is a strategic way to mesmerize your employers. You can choose an image that reflects your industry or your interests. It represents that how valuable you are as a candidate for the industry or how much fitted you are in particular business culture.

6. The power of colors:

resume color codes

Using colors on your resume does not mean unprofessional, but contrasting colors can enhance the look of your resume. Bright dots, a soothing header, and contrasting text will surely increase the aesthetic appeal of your resume. Shades like blue, orange, green, and grey are good to tone your resume to make it some of the best infographic resumes. Look for the primary color from your images and use that for the wording you want to emphasize. Two-tone color also makes your template bright and elegant.

7. Use an artistic font for creating the header.

resume font style

Use simple and readable font when you create your infographic resume templates. But, you can use creative fonts while creating the header area. Different fonts have unusual characteristics. In confusion, take a glance at your industry and find the fonts the industry uses. For example, Tech industries use sleek fonts while the print and publishing industry uses serif fonts.

8. The timeline resume can represent your career progress and achievements.

Showcase your professional growth by creating a timeline CV. Have you made your own opportunity? Have you changed your job field? If you are a hard-working individual since your school days, never ignore this strength to point out in your resume. A timeline infographic can help you draw a depiction of your experience over a while and can create a long-lasting impression on readers. You can even use logos to show and highlight different points in time.

9. A soothing, professional infographic curricular vitae using a monochrome color palette.

You may not want a bright infographic resume format, but you want something discreet and elegant. Monochrome infographic resume templates represent you as a confident and organized one. You can choose a color for your resume like navy blue or green or orange and use different shades using the same color. Many people even choose a simple grey for a modest look on their infographic resume.

10. A valiant background-color:

A bold and eye-catchy background color makes your resume design stand out among competitors. Choose colors wisely for effective outcomes. Colors bring the effect that you want to create on the recruiters. For example, colors like yellow, orange, and red represent you as an energetic, determined, creative, and intellectual candidate.

11. Use icons wisely to highlight important information.

Embellishing your infographic resume templates with simple icons is a perfect way not only to make the design more interesting but to clarify information more clearly. You can find some great icons in flaticon website. To scan your information quickly, an infographic resume template is a handy way for employers to check the highlighted information.

12. Be apart from others and create an exceptional infographic resume design.

If you are looking for a job where creativity matters, you can depict your creativity by designing an infographic resume template. For example, to apply for a job in the graphic designing field, add some creative graphic designing skills, maintaining simple features like easy-to-read and understand.

If you want to create an elevated and simple resume, you can personalize it by using infographic resume templates. At MyCVDesigner, we have unique, professionally designed resume formats and layouts provided by our certified resume writers. For details, visit our infographic resume builder.

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