You are currently viewing What is Infographic CV? What is Infographic Resume? Best Infographic Resume, Professional Resume Formats:

What is Infographic CV? What is Infographic Resume? Best Infographic Resume, Professional Resume Formats:

If you are looking for some information regarding Infographic CV, Infographic Resume, Resume formats, Resumes sample, Professional Resume, Resume writing service then you just came to the right place. When you are looking for a job, the biggest challenge is how to be unique and stand out from others to be the best suite for that post. There are so many competitors in every field. Everybody wants to achieve his target in his professional life. A Professional CV / Professional Resume is one of the best methods to stand out from the jobseekers crowd if a dream job is your target.

What is Infographic Resume?

Infographic, short for information graphics, is based on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words. Infographic makes complex information easy to digest. Infographic CV / Infographic Resume are known for delivering information in a visually powerful way and grabs human attention pretty fast.

Infographic Resumes are mostly used by professionals who want to capture recruiter’s attention. Over the last couple of years, Infographic Resumes are selling like hotcakes and many recruiters and companies also prefer a jobseeker who has Infographic CV/Resume.

In an infographic resume, all the information and data regarding your education, skills and experiences is presented using visuals, charts and other graphics.Since most employers spend less than a minute reading a resume from top to bottom, an infographic resume gives an overview through attractive graphical representation. If you have been struggling to attract employers’ attention with your traditional resume, you should definitely consider an infographic resume.

An infographic resume -

  • Makes your professional & creative appearance.
  • Is modern & eye-catching.
  • Welcomed by various industries & recruiters.
  • Is perfect for highly experienced personnel & designers.

When should you use an Infographic Resume?

If you are a designer or applying for a highly creative post, you can consider Infographic CV / Resume. You can use this on your professional profile like LinkedIn too, or attach along-with Text Resume if you are emailing a recruiter or hiring manager.

Infographic Resume design Tips & Tricks:

There are several guidelines you should always follow to get a perfect Infographic Resume.

  • Choice of Colors
    The choice of colors always make a strong impact on any design. Here you can stick to three to four colors and various shades of those colors that look great.
  • Less text, more visual
    The key to achieve a perfect infographic, is to use less text. Rather, you may represent the information visually, graphically or using charts and bar diagrams. Anything you do, must look logical.
  • Make it professional
    A professional design is always the first priority in Resume design. A childish or clumsy design can make a blunder. ‘Attractive but professional design’ is the keyword here. A designer Resume should never be designed like a way, a reader or viewer considers you as an unprofessional. Though text content in an Infographic Resume is comparatively less, choice of font style and size also matters.
  • Meaningful Design
    There are some pseudo rules to follow. For example, your name and contact information shouldn’t be at the bottom, the design should not be too long, proper visual should be used against proper information etc.

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