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Are you currently working as an Advertising Account Executive or want to upgrade your career into this position? Know the job roles and responsibilities for this position and some tips for writing Advertising Account Executive resumes. Check these Advertising Account Executive resume samples and book yours to get a professional resume.
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Advertising Account Executive Job Description:

What does an Advertising Account Executive do?

Being an advertising account executive involves working at an agency to design and launch campaigns that meet your clients’ advertising needs while following their brand guidelines. You will serve as the intermediate between your company and your clients. Hence, strong interpersonal and communication skills are key to becoming successful as an advertising account executive.

You will also have to closely monitor the campaign until the day it is launched, and keep your clients posted throughout. Moreover, you will also be undertaking administrative work and ensure that tasks are completed within the budget and deadline.

One advantage of this position is the ability to take some time off work after years of high-quality service. Job sharing is a common practice in the industry, so you will be allowed to take a sabbatical for some time while someone else temporarily takes your position.

The most important thing to note about the role of an advertising account executive is that it requires you to have a variety of skills and juggles different types of tasks simultaneously. Therefore, you must develop competencies in multiple areas.

Responsibilities of Advertising Account Executive:

The following are some of your responsibilities as an advertising account executive.
  • Communicate with your clients to discuss the advertising project and establish crucial details such as the budget and deadline.
  • Work with your agency to create an advertising campaign that meets the client’s requirements.
  • Discuss ideas with the client and make changes based on their needs.
  • Work with various departments, such as the creative and research departments, to assign tasks corresponding to their roles.
  • Help formulate marketing strategies.
  • Keep in touch with your clients and regularly update them on the progress made on the campaign.
  • Make sure that the client is clear on the terms and conditions of the agency and the agency is clear on the terms and conditions of the client- you must be unambiguous in your communication.
  • If required, negotiate with the clients and/or your agency on the details (especially the budget) of the advertising campaign.
  • Present your work to clients for approval.
  • Make any changes, or work with your team to make any changes, based on the feedback received from clients.
  • Create and manage the budget for the campaign.
  • Ensure efficient allocation of funds.
  • Invoice clients.
  • Create reports for your clients.
  • Monitor the campaign during its development phase and after its launch, to track how effective it is.
  • Take up administrative duties.
  • Coordinate meetings to discuss the details about the campaign.
  • Attract new clients for the agency by making pitches to potential customers.

Expectations of the employers:

Because of the immense responsibility, you will be undertaking as an advertising account executive, the expectations from employers are high. The following are some of the things you will be expected to do:
  • Most importantly, you must be perceptive to the needs of your client. Customer satisfaction is a priority.
  • You will usually be working from morning till evening on all weekdays. The exact timings are dependent on the project that you’re currently working on as you might be expected to work early in the morning or late at night. Weekend work is usually not expected.
  • You may be required to manage multiple accounts, clients, and projects at the same time.
  • Because of the long hours, demands from clients, and high levels of competition, the work environment may be stressful. You should be able to handle this stress and not let it affect the quality of your work.
  • Travel will be a frequent part of your job. You may have to visit your clients in their office or on a television shoot. If you are working at a more well-established agency that has international clients, you will even be required to travel abroad several times during the year.
  • On the same note, international advertising agencies will serve clients from various cultures. Intercultural competence, therefore, is highly important if you’re working in such an agency. Speaking a foreign language would be a plus point.
  • Graduates of any major can apply for this role, but employers would prefer that you have a degree or a higher national diploma (in the UK) in the following areas:
    • Advertising
    • Communications
    • Business management
    • Marketing
  • Work experience is also important, especially for those who don’t have a degree in advertising or another closely related subject. To build your skills, take up positions in areas like sales, public relations, marketing, and business management.
  • You must have exceptional communication skills- both written and verbal.
  • Interpersonal skills are also highly important, especially because you may have to socialize with clients. Having good interpersonal skills will also serve you well in persuading your clients to choose your agency’s services and in negotiations.
  • Employers will expect you to take initiative in coming up with ideas and pitching to potential clients.
  • You may be asked to take up a new project on a whim, so flexibility is also expected.
  • You will be heading a cross-functional team, so having good leadership skills is an advantage.
  • The ability to tell a good story through various media is crucial for devising a successful campaign.
  • As you are working on the campaign, you will constantly be switching between looking at the bigger picture and paying attention to detail. Therefore, having both these skills will take you a long way in your career.
  • You must have deep knowledge about everything related to the field of advertising. This means that you should constantly keep an eye on the market for the product or service you’re advertising and be aware of the latest advertising and marketing technology at your disposal.

Common Skills:

Common Certifications:

Tips for Writing Advertising Account Executive Resume:

The first opportunity you’ll get to prove yourself to a potential employer is the resume. It is the first-ever document that the employer will look at during the selection process. So, you have to make sure that you present yourself in the best possible light.

We understand that this is not an easy task. Writing the ‘perfect’ resume is a tricky and anxiety-inducing process. How are you going to fit all the details about your accomplishments and abilities on a single page?

Well, it can be done. Check these advertising account executive resume templates and try to avoid the most common resume mistakes. The tips we’ve provided below may be just what you need to take your resume to the next level!

1. Emphasize the core competencies that are the most relevant for the job.

The term ‘core competences’ usually refers to the resources available to a business that sets it apart. But we can also use it to refer to the stand-out skills that an individual has. Another way to think about them is as a unique combination of various strengths, which includes both hard skills and soft skills.

For example, if you are an expert in using Adobe Photoshop as well as an advanced accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks), the combination of these two disparate skills would impress an employer who wants to hire an advertising account executive. Your graphic design ability communicates to them that you are creative and your ability to deftly use accounting software shows them that you have some knowledge of finance and accounting.

Almost all advertising performed today is done digitally. Social media posts, YouTube videos, and blogs have, to a large extent, replaced banners and billboards. For this reason, digital marketing, especially social media marketing, is a particularly useful skill to have.

Hence, create a list of all your strengths and pick the ones most relevant to this job to include in your resume. We have already mentioned the required skills under the ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Expectations of employers’ sections. Make sure to emphasize them by putting them at the very top of your resume.

2. Emphasize the achievements that you had in your previous job.

Extensive work experience is important for any job, and even more so for the job of an advertising account executive. You can even compensate for the lack of educational background in this field with relevant work experience.

To ensure that your job experience contributes to the strength of your application, emphasize what you accomplished in each position. Be specific and use numbers to elaborate on these accomplishments wherever possible. You can mention advertising metrics such as total site traffic and click-through rate (CTR) to show that you had launched a successful advertising campaign before.

After briefly describing your job, create a section called ‘Selected Achievements’ below it and list the most impressive tasks and projects that you tackled. Some examples of things you can include in this section are:

  • Launched a social media campaign for Client X, generating $1 million in revenue
  • Won QRS Award for in the ‘Best Digital Campaign’ category
  • Attracted 7 clients to the agency, increasing sales by $4 million

3. Choose the right resume format.

There are 3 common types of resume formats: the reverse chronological, functional, and hybrid formats. Each of them emphasizes different aspects of a person’s career. The ideal resume depends on your professional path so far.

In the reverse chronological resume, you list all your jobs in the reverse chronological order. Thus, you begin with your most recent job then list all the significant ones you’ve had before it.

In the functional resume format, you don’t emphasize your work experience but instead, highlight your skills and abilities. Rather than the job title, the heading would be a particular skill (e.g. Social Media Management) and you describe the projects completed under it.

Lastly, the hybrid format is a combination of these two. You start by listing all your skills and briefly describing each of them, then move on to your employment history.

Each resume format has its strengths. If you’ve always been employed and your work experience is directly related to that of an advertising accounts executive, it’s best to stick with the most popular reverse chronological format. This format is also the one that is most preferred by recruiters.

However, for those with more unconventional work history, the other two might be better options. For instance, if you’ve been out of the job market for a long time or are a freelancer, the functional or hybrid resume formats, because of their emphasis on skills, can better show what you have to offer.

4. Show that you are qualified in a variety of subject areas.

As an advertising account executive, you will not only be handling advertising-related tasks but also business management and finance tasks as well as creative work. Hence, if you’ve ever held a job in these areas, it would be useful to show it.

This also includes mentioning any certifications you received from well-established organizations. Google, for example, offers certifications in areas like digital marketing (like the Google Analytics IQ certification). Check them out as they would be a great addition to your resume.

5. Mention that you’ve worked in various niches and across platforms.

Diversity of skill and experience is highly valued by employers for this position. If you’ve devised campaigns for products in various niches (weight loss, sports, financial services, pets, and beauty) and through different mediums (print, digital, mobile, etc.), mention it. It would show that you have a broad knowledge base and are capable of handling clients from many companies.

For those who want a job that offers a mix of creative and analytical tasks, the advertising accounts executive position would be particularly appealing. And if you thrive under pressure and have a flair for persuasion, even better. We know that you have what it takes to land this position, and following these tips will help you along the way. These resumes for advertising account executives will surely be a good choice for you. You can check this article: Is your Resume helping or hindering the job search to know if you need to upgrade your resume immediately for the best effect.

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