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6 Tips to Stand Firm in the Job Market During COVID-19 Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the reason for immense misery and crisis among people worldwide. It has a significant effect on the overall economy, including a rise in joblessness all over the globe. Medium and small-scale businesses have been compelled to close their units. Thus, many people have become jobless. There is no vacancy in offices and factories, even for highly skilled and efficient candidates. When unemployment is the biggest issue these days, you, as a job seeker, must have some extraordinary features to represent and shine brighter among other job candidates. So, these tips to stand firm in the job market in this critical situation will surely help you.

Maybe you are the best fit for a specific job field, but recruiters have many other candidates who are fighting hard to grab the attention of hiring managers. Therefore, to prove your summit among others, use this lockdown more productively than ever. Enhance those skills that you think are missing in you. To achieve your dream job, developing personal skills is immensely necessary.

Tips to stand firm in the job market:

1: Grabbing attention is the top priority

grabbing attention

Use industry-specific keywords and hard skills in your resume to grab the attention of recruiters. The keywords should apply to describe your skills in a specific field.

Keep your career description brief and appealing that recruiters have the interest to read it thoroughly. A general career aim summary represents you as an average candidate. Use bullet points when writing the cover letter. Your visual CV format should be precise. Don’t forget to mention your career goal prudently to create positive feedback on readers.

2: Depict your hard work

depict your hard work

Mention your experience or things that you can discuss in the personal interview round. Describe how you overcame challenges or obstacles and brought successful results. Three questions that you can mention the answers of while depicting your resume:

  • What challenges did you experience in your previous job?
  • How did you handle these and address solutions?
  • What was your success rate?

If you think these were your achievements, always mention these in your Curriculum Vitae.

3: Creative call-outs

creative call outs

Keep a callout part in your CV. This is a keyword-rich section using obvious points instead of gathering information in one or more paragraphs. Headings like “Areas of expertise”, “Hobbies”, “Skills” or “Accomplishments” catch the attention of readers more effectively.

This section is small yet highly informative if you use the right keywords or catchphrases properly. To make readers or recruiters familiar with your worthy features, the call-out section is enormously significant to add to your Curriculum Vitae.

4: Tailor your documents

Create tailor-made documents relevant to your job profile. Industry-specific keywords depict your hard skills and make your documents appealing at first glance.

As a candidate, try to understand what the recruiters require or expect from an applicant. Based on this understanding, customize your visual resume templates and cover letter to suit that specific job post. In this economic disturbance of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to get jobs by defeating thousands of freshers and experienced candidates. 

Copy pasting the same content for different job posts is not the correct approach to making your CV. Creating something unique can bring some excellence to your job search. The success achieved from the execution of certain projects must be excellent for highlighting your actions and dedication to work.

In this pandemic, tailoring your resume is one of the significant obligations to catch more concerns of hiring managers.

5: Importance of profile

linkedin profile

Professional networking platforms have a tremendous impact on recruiters and hiring managers. Therefore, job seekers and aspirant candidates should put their best effort when creating their professional networking account. Linkedin is one of the most powerful networking platforms where recruiters and employers traffic regularly to look for worthy candidates for their job posts. So, there is a possibility of checking your profile by hiring managers frequently. Therefore, expand your field network and ask people within your network to share impactful recommendations. 

When asking for recommendations, depict the exact picture of you. Tell them to share what you hope, what you are trying to have, your competence, general corporate nature, and more. To make your profile stand strong, recommendations on professional networking platforms work profoundly. As Linkedin is the most powerful and wide-ranging networking platform, using it is the fastest way to increase your engagement with the people in your network to stand apart among other candidates. Share updates relevant to your industry or area of expertise. Connect and communicate with hiring managers and recruiters of your target companies. It is advisable not to make your Linkedin profile by copying your resume, but add something crisp and unique to be different in your network.

Update your LinkedIn profile with links to websites you have made, or a piece of writing you have written or awards you have achieved, or any casual industry-specific news that is vital to share in your network.

6: Virtual networking

virtual networking

Social distancing is the very common phrase people utter these days to combat COVID-19 infection, but social distancing does not mean that you stop connecting people through virtual social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Virtual connection is the new mantra of today. It has become less intimidating for newbies to move their business from physical to virtual. Being online eases building connections, engrossing information, building confidence, and makes you a more dynamic participant with efficient skills to combat competitors around the globe.

The more you stay connected on professional social media platforms, the more you will be exposed to employers and businesses. More communication with people in your network helps you get more recommendations given by experienced employees and companies.

Your CV or resume makes the first impression in an interview. When you work with a professional resume builder, you have many visual resume samples to get a well-organized and precise resume. Within a minute, you can impress your recruiter with your resume when you design it by hiring a CV writing expert. When joblessness is a big issue in this pandemic situation, you can enhance the chance of attracting recruiters and hiring managers by making an appealing and relevant resume.

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