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How COVID-19 Transformed the Workforce

Well unfortunately we are facing this pandemic situation. This COVID-19 situation has changed everything around us, and the workforce is not an exception to that. Today, many countries are facing economic problems, families are facing financial problems, and Students will be facing unemployment. Everyone needs to get out of this situation and survive. Today in this article we will see how COVID-19 transformed the workforce, the job market situation after the pandemic, and how to prepare for a better opportunity. Okay let’s get started.

How COVID-19 transformed the workforce:

1. Work from home:

The main change we can see through our eyes is the remote working or Work from home. As soon as the coronavirus outbreak started, many countries started to practice quarantine.

work from home

In some countries, quarantine is not followed but the safe distancing is followed and at last all these practices lead to remote working. Many famous corporate companies like IBM started following this. Based on a survey, over 56% of the employees in the USA have been working from home.

2. Flexible time of work:

As the practice of remote working started ruling companies, it reduced the working hours of the workers or employees. And this is the main reason for recruiting many employees for work.

flexible time of work

This becomes a favor to the employees and problems to the employers. And as a result of this, the working time became flexible. People can do the allotted work at a suitable time. Employees are getting more leisure time to spend with their family.

3. Responsibility for employees:

Other than business, this pandemic has developed a sort of humanity in people’s minds. Yes, many financial help is given by the companies to their employees.

responsibility for employees

The workers’ medical expenses are tackled down by many companies. And medical leaves are granted with the salary. This COVID-19 has increased corporate responsibility. Many of you won’t accept, but yes, many companies didn’t take this responsibility also. But I just want to convey my thanks to the companies which take responsibility and that’s it.

Job market situation after the pandemic:

While we see the situation in this view, we can’t determine whether it is positive or negative. Yes many people get jobs, at the same time many lose their job. Due to remote working, the workers’ attendance in the office is mostly off the track.

This leads to more burden of the work and creates new recruitments in the remote working sector. Many students who are good at using new technologies get job opportunities. To meet the heavy burden of the work, many job invitations advertised in the past months.

job market situation after the pandemic

At the same time it has affected the workforce in a bad way. Some works cannot be done from home. The workers who are involved in those works affected most. This pushes the whole business to the loss and there is a rapid increase in unemployment.

The remote working is productive but we people didn’t adapt to this new working environment. Let us discuss later how to get prepared for the opportunities.

How to prepare for a better opportunity:

As we have seen earlier, this new market practice has to lead to various opportunities. We can divide the new job opportunity after the pandemic that is going to arise in the future: traditional way, and remote way.

how to prepare for a better opportunity

Traditional way will be followed by a business where remote working is impossible. These companies will hire more people than normal as the post period of the pandemic will create a heavy burden of the work. If you are aged or not knowing enough to work remotely or if you don’t have facilities to do remote work, then this is the chance for you. 

You should be aware of the business that will need a physical workforce or traditional way of working. If your current business is going into change, then try to adapt it. If you can’t, then start practicing the job that will follow the traditional way after the coronavirus pandemic.

Alright, now the second way is a remote working way. Here will be the major scope. After this pandemic, the companies will go into various changes, and that will need many remote services. There is an additional benefit. You can even do more than one job. As you are working from home, you can adjust your work according to your wish and get more money into your pocket. I am quite sure there will be a huge demand for freelancers in the future.

Automation and training:

I can bet that all the corporate and Government sectors are going to build a new structure of the working platform. Major companies are starting to build remote platforms, and in the future, this will be followed by all the firms. There will be heavy automation of the works. Though this leads to unemployment for some workers, it creates opportunities for many software developers and Information Technology experts.

automation and training

Many conference apps like ZOOM etc. became more popular in this short period due to remote working. Think of it, if a whole country moves to remote working, then there will be huge opportunities. If you need to keep up with this automation, then you should keep updating your skills.  

As many people are new to this remote working practice, there will be high demand for the courses or training which teach this new platform. If you are well informed of this new culture, then you can earn more by just providing training to them. 

Many companies will start hiring the person who is a master in this new technical work. And they may even hire trainers or coaches for this. You’re highly expected to be hired by the government offices as there will be more aged people who may need some training.

Birth of New leadership:

As the work is done remotely, there will be a birth of new leadership ideas. When people work through the internet, you can’t find whether they do that work, or whether they are using any proxy, etc… This will lead to a new type of leadership method which can supervise this situation, this will lead to much Automation.

birth of new leadership

The offices will be designed as just the conference place to check the remotely working peoples and arrange visual meetings (maybe as shown in the fiction movies). In every industry, there will be new ideas and new works. You just need to keep yourself updated to grasp those opportunities.

I hope this would have given you some idea about how COVID-19 transformed the workforce. You may think that I optimistically wrote this article. Yes, I did and I accept that there will be some negative effects on the workforce, and there will be unemployment and sufferings. But I think that we can escape from unfortunate things, we should meet this pandemic situation with hope. That’s why I have discussed only the positive effects of this pandemic. And I believe that everyone can survive this situation by updating them and by predicting the future.

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