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Does Resume Writing Services Lead to Getting Jobs?

Hey there, are you confused about hiring a best resume writing service for your job application? Don’t worry it’s not only you. Everyone who heard about these services will feel confused. Now you will have these questions in your mind, will they get me hired? Why do they cost much? Do they worth it? Is it necessary to hire a CV design service? Hold on! Today in this article I am going to explain to you all the things about it. I am not here to brainwash you to hire our Resume writer Team, I will give the details and let the decision to you. Okay, without further adieu let’s jump into the topic.

What Resume Writing Services do?

The survey shows that among 250 applications, only 4 or 6 were called for interviews. In this competing world, an employer spends a max 16-20 seconds on your resume for a job. These two surveys show that resumes that are just showing the history won’t be noticed by the recruiters. Resume writers are experienced in this field. They were well aware of employer expectations. They will be aware of your strength and weakness and design your resume based on them. They will make your resume stand out of the rest. Most of the resume writers are not only writers, but they are also the people who had been a part of the recruiting body. As they have the experience of recruitment, they can make your application eye-catchy and best among others.

Why should I hire a Resume Writer?

Getting a job for you is the prime reason for hiring a Resume or CV writer. But other than that, there are some other hidden benefits in hiring professional Resume writers.

Give an objective look:

Working with a Resume writer is like training for your interview. You can get his professional knowledge about the interviewer. He creates your profile with a better objective.


It will save your time, Yes there are many times you need to apply for more than many job opportunities. Resume writers reduce your time and give quality work.


Now the job opportunities are developing fast and many skills are emerging. You may think your resume is wonderful but the employer may think it is from the ’90s. The resume writer will be aware of the new skills in the market and they will add them to your resume. They will provide a high-quality resume that covers all the details required for the modern resume.

Help to pass the ATS:

In recent years, there is a software named ATS which is abbreviated as Applicant Tracking System playing a vital role in job application selection. As there are hundreds of applications for one job, this software creates a list of best match applications and reduces the work of the recruiter. A professional writer will be well known for the ATS and help your resume to pass the test.

Is it worth the cost?

Many people will choose to hire a resume writer, and then their mind will ask this question to them – is it worth the cost? I promise you the work done by the best resume writing companies is really worth the cost. The competition in the job market is making every penny spent worth it. But there are some companies which cost high for the resume. If you apply for a job that does not earn more than $30,000 a year, then there is no need to pay high fees for a resume writer. It is advisable to pay 1-2% of the job’s yearly earnings for a resume writer. If it exceeds that it isn’t worth it. You can get a professional resume writer on a budget of $10 to $100. Some writers also charge much higher than this. Just keep in mind – price is not the authentication factor. If a writer charges a very large amount, it doesn’t mean that he is the best writer. Some Resume writing services take a minimum cost and give an excellent result.

Is it bad to write my resume myself?

I will be genuine to you, you can write your own resume. The good or bad is based on your skill, if you are aware of the job you’re going to apply for, the employer’s expectation, and your strength & weakness then you can write your own resume.
Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before hiring a resume writer.

Are you talented in writing?

If you think you are a good writer, who can write without errors, then you can write your resume yourself. There are some resume writing organizations that give a free resume analysis. You can send your resume to them, and they will give you some suggestions to enhance your resume. If you feel your writing is good enough and it will pass the ATS, then you can write your own resume.

Are you aware of your career path?

As we discussed earlier if you are aware of the company or employer for which or to whom you are going to apply, then you can write your own resume. You should be aware of his expectations, recruiting style, and vacancies, etc… And it is also necessary to have a clear image of the strengths and weaknesses of you. You should make a perfect SWOT analysis about you before applying to the job. And you should design your resume as per it.

Are you planning to write your own resume then here are some resume writing tips for you.
The resume writers also provide some services for the individuals who write their own resume. They are as follow,

Free Resume Analysis:

Some famous resume writing companies provide a free review regarding your resume. There is a 75% chance of passing ATS scanning if your resume gets a good review from the writers. It is the best chance for those who write their own resumes, they can get a professional service without spending money. 

Resume Templates:

The resume writing organizations also provide some eye-catchy templates for the individual writers at a minimum cost. The templates are not just a computer designed; the headings are ordered based on different categories. There are different types of templates for applying to various jobs. For example, freelancer templates focus mainly on skills rather than qualifications. There are also some custom templates that you can edit by your wish. Custom made templates have a greater chance of passing the ATS. If you need to see some templates click here.

Tips for selecting the best resume writer:

By now, you should have decided whether to hire a resume writer or not. If you plan to hire a resume writer, here are some tips for you.

  • Check the official website of the Service provider for pricing, professionals available. Check the feedbacks by the users of the service providers.
  • Make sure regarding whether they are keeping your information safe. Communicate and get to know whether they are comfortable to work with. And also check whether they ensure satisfaction guarantee. If you have a satisfaction guarantee, they can’t stop the work till you are satisfied.
  • It is better to contact a certified resume writer for your resume.

I hope you have got all the answers to your doubts. You can now create your pros and cons list from the information I provided above. From the list as I said in the starting, now you can make your decision on hiring a resume writer. Are you searching for resume writing services in the USA? Then follow the link to get more information and advice about it.

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