You are currently viewing 7 common Resume mistakes a fresher or student must avoid:

7 common Resume mistakes a fresher or student must avoid:

Are you a student or fresher? Today, we will discuss 7 common Resume mistakes a fresher / student must avoid and how a professional Resume writing service can help you out. 

Are you finding difficulty to get an Interview with a reputed organization? Do you know what is dragging you down? Lack of a properly written Resume / CV might be the reason. Often, college students and fresh graduates make an aggressive approach to targeted companies to get an interview, but fail due to the lack of professional communication through their CV or Resumes. As the job market gets competitive day-by-day, a fresher needs to do everything they can to kick-start their career. There comes the Resume, that can fuel up their career and let them grow.

  1. Improper Resume format:

    Employers read and scan thousands of CVs and Resumes for each job post and throw away those Resumes immediately that are improper or inconsistent. To pass this selection process, you need a proper Resume format that looks professional. Make sure all the points are highlighted and properly mentioned. All the sections, like Education, Skills are mentioned with proper heading and aligned accordingly. Font sizes and choice of fonts are important too.

  2. Not mentioning a High-School Job:

    If you are a student and trying to enter the professional world, your Resume must contain the information that can impress the employer. If you did any job in your school days and find it unnecessary to include in your Resume, you’re going to make a big mistake. Maybe the job is freelancing or volunteering with any organization, you must mention it to your Resume. We learn valuable lessons like responsibility, punctuality, hard-work from our very first job and employers know that. Potential employers like to see that you have fulfilled your duties and that makes a good impression.

  3. Forgetting Skills section:

    Each and every person got some skills. The art is to show your skills to the potential employer so that they can make a decision that you are a good fit for the job or not. As you are a student or fresher, the skills section is the most important section you can consider in your CV or Resume. You must include your soft skills as well as hard skills to the skills section. If you have some particular skills that are needed for the particular job but you don’t have any experience, still there is a chance of your selection. So, don’t forget to mention your skills in your Resume.

  4. Listing References:

    Listing some references in your Resume might be irrelevant because employers do not want it sometimes. If they want any reference, they will ask for it at the time of selection process. Getting rid of references will give you some extra space for the relevant points in the Resume.

  5. Forgetting GPA:

    Employers want to see how good you have performed in your schools and Higher education. Earning a good grade reflects a good work ethic, valuable knowledge and success. A good GPA is sometimes proven as a better option than an experienced professional with poor grades. If you don’t mention, employers might also think that you have a poor GPA, that is why you didn’t mention it in your Resume.

  6. Sending out same Resume:

    Every job post is different from others and the criteria for those posts differs too. So your Resume must be tailored everytime you are going to submit for a particular job post. There should be some proper keywords, specific skills and responsibilities in your Resume that match those criteria. Do not use the same Resume for every job post. Make it as per the criteria and the result will be fair enough.

  7. Neglecting a cover-letter:

    The whole job application process is like a battle where you have to fight with other applicants. If you are a fresher, you have to convince the hiring manager that you are the one they are looking for. If you are neglecting a cover letter, there is a big chance of rejection. You must send a cover letter with your Resume that expresses your positivity and offers an accurate view of your goals.

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