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How to explain employment gap in Resume:

An employment gap is a period of time when a person didn’t have a job. Sometimes, it’s by choice or the person is fired from a job and finds a new one. Gaps in Resumes are like a red tag. Without an explanation, employers may assume that he/she is irresponsible, an addict or just lazy and can not fit for the position. So, everyone must know how to explain employment gap in Resume.

So, what is the best way to explain an employment gap on your resume?

It depends on what you did while you were out of the job. It is a tricky part to mention the employment gap on your Resume. You have to keep in mind that honesty is the best policy here. You should mention the proper reason for the gap so the employer can understand that the reason is valid. If the employer finds out that you lied, you can miss the opportunity to become an employee to that organisation. The recruiters understand that things happen to all of us. So, it’s better to explain that correctly.

Some valid reason behind the gap:

  • A failed business/startup.
  • Laid off because of company downsizing.
  • Eldercare/childcare or personal medical situation.
  • Higher studies.
  • Certifications or training.
  • Contract work.

Tip 1 :

Start your resume with a summary statement and career highlights section, so that your skills and accomplishments get highlighted. A proper resume format can be a life-saver.

Tip 2 :

You don’t need to include all your previous experience on your resume, especially if you have many years of experience like having 25 years of experience. The recruiter may consider the employment gap less valuable if you have a good track record and have a few months of employment gap.

Tip 3 :

If you went through some certification course, joined as a volunteer with an organization or gained any other experience during the gap, you must mention that in your resume because those experiences will be counted as work. Mention those properly with Job Title, Organization Name, Job Description and Duration as you mention your professional experiences.

Be Honest.

It’s usually better to be upfront than hide employment gaps. Being honest about the situation gives the employer a sense of your integrity and confidence – two characteristics every employer is looking for. Be straightforward rather than trying to hide dates. Recruiters will easily find that you are hiding something. If you were fired from your last job, you have to tell the truth if the employer asks you about that in an interview.

Be Prepared.

You have to be prepared to face some questions in the interview about the gap. It is obvious that you can not avoid those questions. You can acknowledge the gap in your cover letter and explain the reasons. Don’t worry, if the reason is valid, the employer will surely understand the situation.

Be Proactive.

If you are going through a difficult situation like rejection from every employer due to the employment gap, then try and get proactive! Don’t blame your employment gap but rather engage yourself in your skill development. Upgrade your skills and knowledge and build communication with experts and employers via LinkedIn. Build a strong LinkedIn profile, and if needed, get some professional mentoring.

Be Confident.

Don’t be apologetic about your work history. You didn’t do anything that you should be ashamed of. Always keep in mind that you have given that time to yourself. Anything you did, it made you a better person. So, be confident and you will surely win.

Be Smart.

Employment gap is not a big deal if you tackle it smartly. You can get your resume written by a professional resume writing service. A professional resume writer knows how to explain employment gap in resume properly and it will help you to get employed again.

Get a free resume analysis by experts and get a detailed report in two business days. Remember, there are countless other candidates sailing in the same boat! So, be positive, make an aggressive job-search strategy and take off your career again.

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