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How to write an email while sending a Resume to a company

Applying for a job can be a difficult task for anybody, especially for students or freshers who have just started searching for a job. One of the most common ways to apply for a job is by sending a job application letter via email. Proper guidance for not just writing a proper resume or a cover letter, but also ‘how to write an email while sending a Resume to a company’ helps many people to catch recruiter’s attention. Recruiters receive lots of emails every day for job applications. Many of them are so poorly built that they do not even bother opening the attachments that contain the Resume. A professional email shows the applicant’s passion for job hunting and recruiters love to see that. So, give some time to learn how to write an email while sending a resume to a company.

What to include in a job application email:

It is important to understand what a hiring manager wants and looks for in a particular job application. A job application email is written like a cover letter. So, the email must contain some important things:
  • Purpose of writing the email
  • The job you are applying for
  • Your skills & qualifications
  • How you can be a good fit for the post
  • How they can get in touch with you

Tips to write an email while sending Resume:

To write an excellent job application email, you must follow some important things. Many people neglect these things and end up with instant rejection. If you follow these tips, your application will become attractive and positively received.
  • Use a professional Email ID:

    To send your job application via email, you must consider a professional email ID. This is one common thing a fresher does while sending their Resume. It shows that you are a non-professional and not so serious about the job. If you don’t have any professional email ID, try to create one that contains your full name.

    Example: [email protected] or [email protected]

    Remember, do not use your business mail ID or your current company generated email ID to send your job application to a recruiter. Use your personal professional email ID only.


  • Make it short & to-the-point:

    Make the application short and to-the-point. Don’t make it lengthy by stuffing unnecessary words. Tell the recruiter about your approach in the very first line. Do not mention all the details in an email, as you have to attach your Resume & Cover letter that contains that information. You can mention your recent experience in brief. In case you are referred by someone, you must mention this in the email.


  • Write a relevant subject line:

    Before opening an email, everyone reads the subject line. Recruiters receive thousands of emails daily and ignore those emails that are irrelevant. If you do not put a relevant subject line, your email may get overlooked and remain unread. Make sure the subject line is informative and tells what the email is exactly for. If you got any reference number for that particular job you are applying for, you have to mention it here too.


  • Start with formal greetings:

    As I told earlier, this email must be formal, using appropriate formal greetings to convey professionalism and respect to the reader. Address properly with their last name instead of first name or middle name.

    Example: Dear Mr. Smith or Dear Ms. Sparks

    Don’t use ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ as they look casual. Do not use a closing word like ‘Best wishes’, instead, you can use ‘Regards’ and then put your full name. You may add an electronic signature that looks more professional and contains your contact details.


  • Include related information:

    The email body text must start with the purpose of writing the letter. Address the post you want to apply for and make it clear why you are a perfect fit for that. Count your recent 2 to 3 professional experience and add some relevant skills. Mention that you have attached your resume, cover letter and certificates. Lastly, express your eagerness to meet him or her in person. It shows that you are pretty much interested and want to join the company immediately.


  • Add attachments:

    Don’t forget to attach your updated professional Resume, cover letter, certificates & any other related documents with the email before sending. If you forget to attach them and resend it later, it shows that you are an irresponsible person or having a lack of professionalism.

Sample email format:

Subject: Senior Software Tester Position – Marsha Holloway

Dear Mr. Magath,

I was keenly interested in reading the job posting for the position of Senior Software Tester at Mag Technologies and interested in applying for the position (Job Reference Number K333). The job description and requirements closely match my experience and skills, and so I am excited to submit my Resume to you.
I have been working with BizCorp.LLC for the last two and a half years as Software Tester and achieved many goals and three promotions. I believe that my motivation, commitment and skills will allow me to fit into this role and I am ready to work with your organization immediately.
I have attached my resume, cover letter and certificates for your consideration. Please take a moment to go through them.
I would love to talk to you regarding this amazing opportunity at your company. It is a great pleasure to hear back from you regarding my application.


Marsha Holloway
2604, Ontario St., Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

Now you understand how to write an email while sending a resume to a company. Start sending job applications via email. I assure you that recruiters will love the way you are approaching for an interview.

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