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What is a Federal Resume? How to Write a Federal Resume? Complete Federal Resume Guide

Hey there, are you looking for a job in the Federal Government? Then you should have come across the name Federal Resume. Now you will have these questions in your mind: what is Federal Resume? How to write a Federal resume? Who is the best federal Resume Writer? Etc… Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. Today in this article you will get all the information you needed for creating a perfect Federal Resume.

What is a Federal Resume?

In the United States of America, if you want to apply for a federal job then you should provide a special document known as Federal Resume. Federal Resume is more likely as a Private Resume, but it is a comprehensive document that includes all your details. The interviewing process of federal jobs will be longer and more detailed than the other jobs interview so the Federal Resume is created to meet the requirements. Still, confused? Let’s check the difference between Federal and private Resumes, to get a clear idea of the Federal Resume.

Federal Resume VS Private Resume:

The main difference between these two is the number of details provided. While you prepare a private or corporate resume the motive is to apply for one particular job. In the case of a federal resume, you apply for the vacancy posted on the official website of the Government. Normal resumes are usually 2 pages long but it is necessary to cover a minimum of 4 pages. There are no rules or restrictions in the case of writing a private resume. But if there are rules and restrictions, you should follow the line spacing margin and section order said on the official website of the federal department. A private or civilian resume contains work-related information. Whereas Federal Resume concentrates on your details like citizenship, suits, or legal proceedings on you, etc…

Details to be included in the federal resume:

In federal Resume, you should provide all your details. There is a particular format to provide that information. Let’s see it one by one.

  • Personal and Contact Information:

    This is the first section to write in a federal resume. Here you should add all the general details that you will add in the private resume like name, father name, contact number, Gender, Date of birth, age, etc…. It is also important to add your Postal Address. In federal Resume, you will apply for various job vacancies. The Government official will decide the job for you based on your address.

  • Citizenship Status:

    It may look unnecessary for some of you, but you should know that a person who is not a citizen of the USA can also apply for Federal Jobs. But some jobs are not awarded to a non-American. So it’s important to add your citizenship status and also if you have received citizenship in any other country.

  • Mention your preferred GS Grade:

    Some of you may not know about the GS Grade, it is a Grading system followed by the US Government to rank their jobs based on responsibility and pay. And the Range of the GS Grade is 1 – 15. As you are applying for the number of job vacancies, the recruiter may find you’re eligible for various levels. So if you point out your preferred GS level then you may get your dream job. GS Grade is also used to classify and categorize the millions of applications they receive. So be cautious while selecting the GS Grade level.

  • Disclose your veteran’s Status:

    American Government has provided some special relaxation to the veterans. So if you are a family member of fallen soldiers or if you’re an ex-Service man it is a good option for you to disclose your veteran status. The veterans get some extra points in the evaluation.

  • Work experience:

    The Work experience you disclose in the case of the Federal resume should be large. It’s better to cover even your part-time job you did in your college days (if you feel related). Normally the past work details in the federal resume cover the last 10 years. You can follow the reverse chronological format to disclose your work experience. If you’re a newbie then enclose your qualification details and any part-time job or skills that will match the related jobs. Here are some past work details that you should enclose.

    • Employer’s name and location: If you have worked in a different region it’s better to share the location and company or other federal you worked.
    • Start and End Date: It’s necessary to enclose the Start and end date. It will help the recruiter the number of days you worked and the experience you gathered. If you are still working the just mention it “present”
    • Achievements: It is better to add any awards or recognition you got in your past work. You can mention the magazines that speak about your achievements. Even it is better to add your past employee’s certificate for you.
    • Brief about your daily responsibilities: This will give the hiring person an idea about the type of situation you can handle and apt role for you.
    • Contact information of your supervisor or chief: By this, the evaluators can contact your past superior and get more information about your qualities, sincerity, behaviors, and trust, etc…

    If you don’t have work experience then you can add the following:

    • Name of educational institutions
    • Qualifications also majors.
    • Scores and GPA
    • Awards, Achievements or honors, etc…
    • Other courses attended
    • Credit hours earned
    • Sports achievement or any other extra-curricular achievements.


  • Additional Details:

    These are some extra details you can provide to add perks for your resume,

    • Languages known: If you are fluent in many languages then it is a good thing to add in your resume. If you have certificates tailor them with the resume.
    • Publications: If you have published any journals or research then you can mention them. But remember the contents should be relevant to the job.
    • Desired work location: You can also mention the location where you wish to get a job. Mostly the federal jobs are available in many locations so it is good to enclose the desired location.
    • Social Activities: If you are involved in any social activities then it will be good for you to get a federal job. It may include being a member of charitable institutions, old-age homes, hospitals, etc…

Tips for writing Federal Resume:

  • Prepare a master resume because you are participating in a million player game, so make yourself a master. If you don’t have resume writing experience then it is better to hire resume writing services. You can try our best resume writers.
  • Tailor your information based on the job’s requirements. If you want to apply for any particular job then focus all the requirements of the targeted job in your resume. If you are applying for more jobs then place the common information for all the jobs at the starting of your resume this will make your resume searchable.
  • Never think the person hiring will know the knowledge about the work or industry. So try to give detailed information, avoid using acronyms and abbreviations.
  • There are three basic formats to write a resume; Chronological order, functional orders (which focus on the requirements for the job first then the rest), and combined format. Select the best format that suits your target job. Get assistance from professional writers.

Common jobs that need Federal Resume:

Several government jobs need a federal resume, here are some,
  • Law and Enforcement: Police, border security, a criminal investigation, etc…
  • Legal: public attorney, paralegal, judge, etc…
  • Technology: Data analytics, official networking, etc…
  • Medicine: Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc…
  • Business: Insurance agent, treasury, etc…
  • International relations: If you have foreign language skill then you are eligible for foreign affairs related to federal works.

Who is the best federal Resume Writer?

There are many professional resume writing services who write and deliver federal resumes. Some freelancers also do the same. If you want to get a federal resume written by expert resume writers, visit: one of the best federal resume writers

I hope you got the information you needed. For getting information about the job vacancy, requirements, salary, last date to apply to visit the official site. Please share your idea in the comment sections.

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