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Are you holding an Administrative Assistant position or want to upgrade your career into this profession? Know the job roles and responsibilities for this position and some tips for writing administrative assistant resumes. Check these Administrative Assistant resume samples and book yours to get a professional resume.
Administrative Assistant Visual Resume Example
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Administrative Assistant Job Description:

Well, you must have heard about the job title: Administrative Assistant, if you didn’t hear it then you should have heard it in the following names, Office Clerk, Secretary, Admin Assistant, Receptionist, and Administrative support help. This is a job where the person takes care of all the administrative works and ensures all the Administrative works go well.

What does an Administrative Assistant do?

It is hard to precise the duties of the Administrative assistant, they involve themselves in various works in different industries. The assistants who are involved in the legal industries work more than the others. Mostly the job of the Assistants involves all the clerical work in the office like attending phones, collecting memos and maintaining files, and greeting the client. Their works revolve over managing and distributing information among the members of the office. The works they do may differ based on the nature of the firm. Some basic services provided by them which are common in nature:
  • Bookkeeping: The Assistant in some offices was charged with the duty to monitor the expenditure, bills, and Account books of the offices. The type of duties can be seen more in the government offices or local authority’s offices or the accounting department of the companies. The Assistant will manage and make a record of the transaction and submit the periodic report to the higher officials about the financial position of the firm. These types of assistants are known as Financial Assistant or BookKeeper.
  • Documentation: Managing the documents is indeed a tough job. The Administrative assistant plays an important role in this sector. He maintains the documents of the firm and makes them available when needed. The assistants in the legal offices are mostly charged with these types of works. They collect the documents of the clients, classify them, and upload them in their database. Other than collecting, managing, and storing the files, sometimes they alter, edit, or copy for future purposes. In some corporate companies, the Admin assistant holds the responsibility to take the record of the meetings (Minutes), and prepare the agenda. They are ordered to submit the report quarterly about the files in their hands.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Planning and scheduling of the meetings are done by the administrative assistants. As the Administrative support specialists are aware of all the events of the firm, they plan the board meeting, press conference, product launching, Directors meeting, and sales report analyzing meetings. They also schedule the time and the agenda that are to be discussed in the meeting. They schedule the speech time of the chairperson, discussion time, and everything. And that is the reason they are known as the backbone of the company.
And other than the above duties, the Administrative assistant is also responsible for some other common jobs. They are as below:
  • Attending phone calls and making calls on behalf of the firm.
  • Acting as a link between the internal and external management.
  • Transferring emails, correspondence, memos, letters, circulars, etc…
  • Travel arrangements and special event arrangements.
  • Updating and maintaining the filing system.
  • Maintaining and updating the office rules and procedures.
  • Providing general supports to visitors.
  • Ordering and checking the office supplies and stationeries. And more….

Employer's expectations or Requirements:

In the case of Administrative assistant, there are no special requirements for the job, but most employers search for some qualities in the candidates:
  • Well-Organized: The person who applies for the administrative assistant job should have a good organizational skill base. He or She should be aware of the hierarchy level of the organizations, and the level of duties to them.
  • Courteous: He should be courteous and kind. An Assistant serves as the link between the customers or the client and the firm. His behavior will affect the reputation of the firm. So an employer expects a person with a sound mind and with no illegal records or black mark on their resume.
  • Multi-Tasking Ability: The applicant should have the talent of Multi-tasking as an assistant who has higher work pressure than others. He or She should have Multi-tasking ability because they sometimes have to work under pressure.
  • Experience: As the element needed for the Administrative assistant job is subjective, you cannot show any of your qualifications or certificate as proof. So an employer expects previous experience in the field or atheist at other jobs.
  • Problem-solving and sudden thinking: In the case of the Assistant’s works, there is always uncertainty. They should be ready to alter the plan according to the new situation. The problem-solving skill may be tested during the interview process.
  • Reliable: The Assistant will deal with all the confidential files of the company. So he must be reliable and loyal. Even in government jobs, the reliability of the person is important as he handles public information and certificates.
  • Technical Knowledge and professionalism: The candidate should have enough technical knowledge about the job-related software and equipment. He should be good at basic MS Office skills and Data, and account maintenance. If you are applying for a legal or government sector then you should know the basics about the cloud storage and their official website.
  • Co-operative and a good communicator: The Assistant should Cooperate with the other members and schedule the timings accordingly and he should be good at communication skills to communicate with the co-workers and also in the meetings with the clients.

Common Skills:

Common Certifications:

Tips for Writing an Administrative Assistant Resume:

Everyone has their style of writing, and creative resume writing ideas may help you to get the job. provides various templates and resume writing services for separate professions. We don’t simply provide the same resumes for admin assistants for every person. Rather, we provide creative administrative assistant resume templates for each of our clients based on their qualifications, job requirements, and employer expectations. I am not there to convince you that you can’t get a job on your resume, but many good candidates lose their chance by their unattractive resume. The reason for it is, they have good qualifications and English writing skills, but they don’t have the resume writing knowledge or experience. Resumes should be in a different format, order, template for different jobs. If you are planning to write your Administrative resume, then here are some professional resume writing tips and ideas to remember while writing the resume.

1. Crack the ATS:

Many of you don’t know that most of the employers use the Applicant Tracking System to evaluate your resume. Nearly 70% of the applications or resumes get rejected by this software. So your first objective, while writing a resume is to defeat the ATS.
  • What is ATS?

    The applicant tracking system is an Automated Software which Checks your resume for the company’s requirements and qualifications and the keywords inserted by the employer or already embedded in them. If the resume doesn’t contain the details or keywords, then it will get rejected by ATS. For example, if the employer inserted past work experience as a must in the search module, then your resume without any work experience details will be rejected.
It is not difficult as it looks to crack the ATS. The only thing is you should add the keywords or heads in your resume that which company expects. Here are some common keywords for the Administrative Assistant Job Resume.
  • Administrative support
  • Meetings schedule
  • Filling
  • Budget
  • Bookkeeping
  • Calendaring
  • Drafting emails
  • Customer Service
  • Reception
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Account maintaining.

2. Win by your experience:

The next thing you can do is add your experience. In the case of Administrative assistants, the quantity doesn’t matter. The quality of your previous work, your skills and experience will only give you a chance. So add your past work experience and achievements. Follow the below tips while adding the experience,
  • Be selective in complaining about your experience; don’t mention all your day-to-day experience. It is good to file all your skills and experience but too much information may lead your resume to trash.
  • Try to attach all the information mentioned in the job notice as this will reduce the time of the hiring manager and help you to crack the Applicant Tracking System.
  • Use more action words, like increased, controlled the problem, maintained, received, etc… This shows your past action and this makes a great effect on the selection process.
  • Show your experience in the quantity terms, like: “reduced the cost to 22%”, “worked with 213 clients”, etc… Psychology says the quantity terms attract the businessman than the quality. But be clear about the Quantity terms if the recruiter is experienced enough, he will determine your strength by your terms. So if your experience doesn’t have a good score, it is better to leave it. And don’t file false information to attract them.
  • Achievements stand top among the experience. If you have any achievements in your past work, it is better to add them to your resume. There are many experienced people out there, but great achievements make some people more suitable for the position. The achievement may be inter or Intracompany achievement but it makes a lot of sense in the interview also.

3. Additional Skills:

Administrative support should excel in all the activities. There are no respected or listed skills for Admin Support. The more skills you have, the greater chance for you. So add your additional skills in the separate heading in your resume. You can also enclose the achievements made in them. Some of the additional skills you can include are languages known, Computer knowledge, etc… While adding the skills, use crisp and short words for them. Don’t make those to cover a lot of space. An Administrative assistant with the knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, and Powerpoint has a higher opportunity. Instead of writing all these, you can just enclose it as Microsoft Office. And also don’t add the skills mentioned essential in the job notice in the additional skills this will make the ATS reject your Resume. And don’t repeat the same word or skill in the resume.

4. New to industry follows this:

If you are just college passed out, and writing your resume for the Administrative assistant, then the reverse chronological order doesn’t work for you. You need to select a different pattern for writing your resume. I recommend a functional resume for you. It focuses on your functional points and skills, which makes you the best choice for the job. You can design your resume in the following format.

5. Summary:

It is the place where you can attract the hiring manager. Your resume summary should make them feel that you’re the ideal person for the job.

6. Skills and experience:

It is obvious that while you’re a newbie, you will not have any experience to show. But everyone gets involved in some sort of administrative works in their life. You can add those in your resume. Admin Support skills are transferable, they are used in some other jobs. If you have any experience in those jobs, you can add them. You can add your achievements in school and colleges too.

Some Final Tips for you:

  • Focus on the objective of the resume. Your resume should be selective, short, and clear. It should not take a lot of time to read your resume.
  • Use appropriate headings and subheadings and make your resume easy to scan by the ATS. It is better to use a single page reverse chronological resume.
  • Proofread your resume again and again. If you can also submit them to the resume checking websites, the professional resume writers will check your resume and give you suggestions. This service is free of cost.
I hope this information will help you a lot. All the best for your future work.

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