Combo 5 (Infographic, Text, Cover Letter)

1 Infographic CV/Resume + 1 Text CV/Resume + 1 Cover Letter

Infographic CV/Resume is known for delivering information in a visually powerful way. An Infographic CV/resume contains information and data in the form of texts as well as visuals. It helps an employer to quickly go through the main highlights and essential data. They’re perfect for bringing to interviews, publishing on your site or social media pages, and attaching to email applications.

Text CV/resume is the most common type which is used worldwide. Text CV/resume comes with proper keywords and clean design. An applicant tracking system — or ATS systems is developed to scan for keywords, employment history and college records used by recruiters and employers during the hiring process. Thousands of text CV/resumes got rejected because of improper keywords and design. Mostly, our text CVs/resumes are ATS compatible.

A cover letter is usually a single-page letter which is mostly written along with a resume/CV to submit for job application. It is written with the post you’re applying for in mind – allowing you to highlight your core areas and express why you are a good fit for that job role. A cover letter could be simple or designed. It could be sent to the employer via mail or by post.



  Infographic CV/Resume Features:
  • Includes charts, company logos & other visuals.
  • Represents career growth and education graphically.
  • It looks modern & eye-catching.
  • Approved by various industries & recruiters.
  • It is perfect for highly experienced personnel & designers.
  • Optimized with proper keywords.
  • Can be used in an online profile.
  • It comes with a .pdf format.
  • Available in A4 size (210 × 297 millimetres).


  Text CV/Resume Features:
  • ATS compatible.
  • Clean design with a clear hierarchy.
  • Optimized with proper keywords.
  • Comes with .doc or .docx and .pdf format.
  • Available in A4 size (210 × 297 millimeters).


  Cover Letter Features:
  • Includes proper design.
  • Accepted by various industries & recruiters.
  • Optimized with proper keywords.
  • Can be sent via email or by post (printout).
  • It comes with a .pdf format.
  • Available in A4 size (210 × 297 millimeters).


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